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NYU Stern Experts Available for Comment on the 2019 Oscars

Oscar award
NYU Stern faculty are available to offer insights on the 2019 Academy Awards. In addition to recent trends in the entertainment industry and their impact on creatives, marketers and audiences, the following professors can provide expert commentary on what to expect this year at the Oscars, the rapidly changing media landscape, visibility of underrepresented groups in entertainment, the ceremony’s first year without a host and more. NYU Stern experts include:
  • Prof. Paul Hardart | How do  the Oscars impact the bottom line? Prof. Hardart, director of Stern’s Entertainment, Media and Technology program, examines how the Academy’s profile has changed since the #OscarsSoWhite controversy and the #MeToo movement. He looks at how Oscar wins impact revenue and factor into movie studios’ business strategies.
  • Prof. Alvin Lieberman | Content is King: Prof. Lieberman, whose primary areas of interest include film festivals and entertainment globalization, can comment on this year’s Oscar winners and losers.  
  • Prof. Michael North | Ageism in Hollywood: Prof. North, whose research focuses on ageism and managing increasingly intergenerational teams in the workplace, notes that, with a rapidly aging population, the way in which older adults are depicted on screen is going to become more important, particularly as older generations become prime moviegoers. He notes that while female actresses are disproportionately impacted by ageism in Hollywood, they are also perhaps more free to speak out against it.
  • Prof. Susan Stehlik | The intersection of art, values and society: Prof. Stehlik argues that the arts should reflect our culture, and points to the value of independent filmmakers, who challenge their audiences’ collective conscience. Prof. Stehlik, who has conducted a case analysis on gender issues in business, describes how diversity can yield business success.

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