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NYU Stern Faces of Change: Jane DaCosta, Executive MBA - New York ‘22

Through NYU Stern's Executive MBA programs offered in both New York City (EMBA NY) and Washington, D.C. (EMBA DC), experienced professionals can accelerate their careers by honing their strategy and management skills and building a strong professional peer network.

NYU Stern EMBA students have access to world-renowned faculty, are able to earn their degree through a program format that maximizes work-life balance, and work within a collaborative community of carefully selected peers with years of real-world experience in senior management across a diverse range of industries. 

Meet incoming student Jane DaCosta, Executive MBA - New York ‘22, Executive Director of the Metropolitan Equestrian Team and US Navy Veteran. 

Change. Be it. Jane DaCosta, Executive MBA New York ’22
CHANGE. BE IT. Jane DaCosta, Executive MBA - New York 22

West Babylon, NY

Current company and role: 
Metropolitan Equestrian Team, Executive Director

What’s one professional accomplishment you are particularly proud of? 
My position as Executive Director/Founder of Metropolitan Equestrian Team.

Why did you decide to pursue your MBA now? 
My organization is 10 years old. I came to a crossroad where I felt I needed to dive deeper into the roots of understanding the business aspects in order to create a stronger business plan, which in turn can potentially provide more access to capital and more. 

What made NYU Stern’s EMBA program the best fit for you? 
An MBA can be earned from many universities, and I could have traveled down the road of a traditional MBA. The deciding factor for NYU Stern's EMBA program was the networking opportunities that cannot compare to other EMBA programs, and learning with students who are like minded in many ways.  In comparison to other EMBA programs, NYU Stern's EMBA program creates an educational environment that forces you to think outside of the box.  I decided to pursue my MBA to grow my non-profit from every aspect in the city I grew up in and love. In the short period of two-and-a-half months at NYU Stern, I truly have obtained the best ROI for my organization in terms of partnerships, relationships, expansions throughout the country, and the best example to the students of my organization. My enrollment at NYU Stern is a dream come true for me, and if my mom was here today (she passed away unexpectedly four years ago) she would have been so proud of me.  Not only am I the first in my immediate family to obtain an MBA, but it's from the university I have dreamed of my entire life.  It is stressful, but it’s all worth it. 

What is your first impression of your peer cohort so far?
My cohort has been very inviting and engaging.  

Stern’s brand call to action is all around embracing change. How do you see change and why? 
In my organization, we use the saying of Mahatma Gandhi: "Be the change you wish to see in the world." I would say: CHANGE. BE IT. We are in a world where lots of people have a lot to say about why things aren't right.  A lot of talk, no action.  So - CHANGE. BE IT.