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Stern Faces of Change: Scott Rosenbloom, EMBA DC ’24

Through NYU Stern's Executive MBA programs offered in both New York City (EMBA NY) and Washington, D.C. (EMBA DC), experienced professionals can accelerate their careers by honing their strategy and management skills and building a strong professional peer network.

NYU Stern’s EMBA DC program is designed for executives in the surrounding area with a unique format that meets once-per-month to maximize time at work and home and minimize travel. This added flexibility has allowed students to earn a top-ranked MBA degree with other executives in D.C. while also forging connections with their EMBA NY counterparts during cohort visits to NYC.

Meet student Scott Rosenbloom, EMBA DC ’24, Senior Advisor, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and veteran:

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Stern Faces of Change: Scott Rosenbloom, Executive MBA DC ‘24

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Current organization: Senior Advisor, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

What made the NYU Stern Executive MBA in DC the best fit for you? The opportunity to learn alongside other senior professionals in a cohort-based program and the in-person class offerings near to home in DC initially piqued my interest in the Stern program. But it was the caliber of Stern's reputation and world-class professors teaching the same curriculum and granting the same degree as a full-time MBA that cemented my decision to apply. I've found the program to be challenging while still allowing space for all of life's other responsibilities.

What has been your favorite part of the program so far? A favorite class, professor or experience? The Global Immersion Experience to Warsaw, Poland was an incredible experience. The opportunity to travel abroad as a cohort really accelerated building close bonds between classmates. And, the chance to engage in small groups with Poland's business and government leaders was like nothing I had experienced before - their excitement to meet with us was truly invigorating.

Describe how you’ve been able to apply learnings from the program into your current role The FAA is the nation's aviation regulator and operator of the national airspace system. Having deeper knowledge of the industry perspective has paid dividends in furthering my understanding of the impact of government regulations and has informed my approach to stakeholder engagement. It is my hope the education I've gained at Stern will make me a better public servant.

You have a unique perspective given your background in the military and national security affairs. How did that affect your decision to choose NYU Stern’s EMBA DC program and how has this impacted your approach to business? Stern has a strong veteran student network, so I felt comfortable knowing I would have classmates with similar experiences. My experience in the Stern EMBA program has enhanced my understanding of the vital role that industry plays in national security.  

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Stern’s brand call to action is all around embracing change. How do you see this program changing your future? Our world is experiencing change at an incredible pace - I see this change every day in advancements in the technologies we use and the methods and expectations around how we interact with one another. To remain viable, you have to be on the leading edge of the change wave or risk being left behind. This program has taught me how to think and act like an agent of change - to synchronize innovation with strategy, capabilities with motivation, and accountability with leadership.