Faculty News

Stern in the News | May 9, 2023

  • The Washington Post | 5/9/2023 | Co-authored research from Professor Robert Seamans is featured: “Type in Your Job to See How Much AI Will Affect It.”

  • Fortune | 5/8/2023 | Professor Viral Acharya interview: “Pricing Power Behind High Inflation?”

  • Mint | 5/7/2023 | Professor Aswath Damodaran interview: “More Dominos are Waiting to Fall: Aswath Damodaran on US Banking Sector.”

  • Financial Times | 5/5/2023 | Professor Richard Sylla interview: “JPMorgan: The Bank that Never Lets a Crisis Go To Waste.”

  • Axios | 5/4/2023 | Professor Thomaï Serdari interview: “Royals, the OG Influencers.”

  • CNBC | 5/4/2023 | Professor Arun Sundararajan interview: “Uber and Lyft Earnings.”

  • Il Sole 24 Ore | 5/4/2023 | Commentary from Professor Scott Galloway is featured: “ChaptGPT Returns to Italy: How Our Jobs with AI will Change Now.”

  • The New York Times | 5/4/2023 | Professor Adam Alter's book, "Anatomy of a Breakthrough: How to Get Unstuck When It Matters Most," is referenced: "Stuck in a Rut? You’re Not Alone."

  • The Verge | 5/4/2023 | Adjunct Professor Joost van Dreunen interview: “AI Offers New Tools for Making Games, but Developers Worry About Their Jobs.”

  • The Washington Post | 5/4/2023 | Professor Richard Berner interview: “What Would U.S. Default Actually Look Like? ‘Financial Armageddon.’”

  • Bloomberg | 5/3/2023 | Professor Philipp Schnabl interview: “Wall Street Is Betting the Regional Bank Crisis Isn’t Over Yet.”

  • Commercial Observer | 5/3/2023 | Professor Sam Chandan interview: “Fed Signals End to Rate Hike Cycle Following 10th Straight Increase.”

  • Executive Excellence | 5/3/2023 | Adjunct Professor Amy Webb interview: “Empathy and Ethics in an Emotionless AI.”

  • NPR | 5/3/2023 | Professor Paul Hardart interview: “Why Writers Are Having a Hard Time Earning a Living in the Streaming Economy.”

  • Financial Planning | 5/2/2023 | Professor Alison Taylor interview: “ESG Shareholder Proposals Hit Highs, but Counter Resolutions Surge. What's Next for the Investing Trend?”

  • Inc. | 5/1/2023 | Adjunct Professor Jeffrey Carr interview: “What First Republic's Collapse Means for Startup Lending.”

  • Leaders Media | 5/1/2023 | Research from Professor Gavin Kilduff is cited: “Rivalries Make Us Stronger.”

  • Forbes | 4/30/2023 | Joint research from Dean Emeritus Peter Henry is highlighted: “Reaching The Fed’s 2% Target Will Cost America Big, New Research Shows.”