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Microsoft Research Selects NYU Stern Professor Sinan Aral as a 2010 Faculty Fellow

Each year, Microsoft Research appoints seven fellows to its prestigious Faculty Fellowship Program, which seeks nominees who are advancing computing research in novel directions, and who demonstrate the likelihood of becoming thought leaders in the field.
Sinan Aral, Assistant Professor of Information, Operations and Management Sciences, was chosen this spring as a Microsoft Faculty Fellow, having competed with nominees from all over the world.   Professor Aral will receive an award of $200,000 to pursue his research program, which analyzes data to understand how the movement of information in massive social networks affects the productivity of information workers, product adoption and demand patterns, and the spread of health behaviors in large populations.  Through his work, Professor Aral aims to estimate and enhance the productivity and performance of information workers using new social media inside firms; and to model, measure and improve peer-to-peer viral marketing strategies and health interventions.

Professor Aral is the first social scientist to be selected as a Microsoft Faculty Fellow, and he now joins the ranks of more than 30 academic researchers who are emerging leaders in their fields.  He is joining the Fellows for a summit held in Redmond, Washington on July 12-13, 2010.  Learn more from Microsoft Research.

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