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Vice Dean of MBA Programs JP Eggers discusses how Stern's focused Andre Koo Tech MBA and Fashion & Luxury MBA programs prepare students to meet industry needs; current student Robert Ung (MBA '20) explains the benefits of the tech program’s structure

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Excerpt from The Wall Street Journal -- "New York University’s Stern School of Business added two specialized one-year M.B.A. programs in 2018, one in technology and the other focused on the fashion and luxury industries. For 2020, the school said applications for its one-year tech M.B.A. grew 59%; those for the fashion and luxury degree climbed 6%.
'The impetus was trying to think differently about what the future of graduate business education would look like and to meet the needs of employers that our existing programs may not be able to,' said J.P. Eggers, vice dean of M.B.A. and graduate programs."

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