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Prof. Roy Smith on M&F Worldwide Corp.

Excerpt from Bloomberg -- “If the M&F board decides to put up the ‘for sale’ sign, then it has to be guided by Revlon,” Roy Smith, a finance professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business, said in an e-mail message.
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Prof. April Klein on reverse stock splits

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Excerpt from Nightly Business Report -- "Companies tend to do the reverse stock split because their prices are low. Why are their prices low? Because they`ve been having poor earnings. So, unless they can change things around dramatically, it`s not going to go back up."
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Prof. Frances Milliken’s research on how people in power communicate differently is referenced

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Excerpt from The Huffington Post -- "Frances Milliken did a marvelous study comparing how those in power think and communicate differently from the rest of us. They're more optimistic, prepared to take bigger risks and think in more abstract terms. And the more cut off they become, the more certain they are that they are right."
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Prof. Lawrence White on the importance of raising the US debt ceiling

Excerpt from the New York Daily News -- "The stock market will tank, which will damage everyone's portfolio and/or pension fund," White said. That's what happened when Congress initially failed to pass the TARP legislation in Oct. of 2008, White noted.  Additional coverage appeared on Zeit Online and PolitiFact.com.
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Prof. Matthew Richardson discusses Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

On The Daily Show, Prof. Matthew Richardson discusses Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from Guaranteed to Fail, co-authored with Profs Viral Acharya, Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh and Lawrence White.
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Prof. Priya Raghubir on Toyota’s new RAV4 ad campaign

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Excerpt from The New York Times -- "Priya Raghubir, a marketing professor at the Stern School of Business at New York University, praised Burrell’s choice of a bulldog as a 'mascot' for the RAV4. 'It’s extremely memorable, like the Budweiser Clydesdale horses in their Super Bowl ads,' she said."
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Scientists at New York University Report Research in Automation Science

Excerpt from Journal of Robotics & Machine Learning -- "We consider the problem of cooperatively minimizing the sum of convex functions, where the functions represent local objective functions of the agents."
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NYU Stern and Centre for Economic Policy Research Publish E-Book of Conference Proceedings

NYU Stern and Centre for Economic Policy Research Publish E-Book of Conference Proceedings, "Dodd-Frank: One Year On"
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Dean Peter Henry on NYU's development as a global university

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Excerpt from the Financial Times -- "The move away from the stand-alone business school is also apparent at NYU Stern. Dean Peter Blair Henry says he joined the school in January 2010 because of the university president’s vision to develop a global university with the business school playing a part alongside the other departments."
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Prof. Roy Smith on the power of Dodd-Frank

Excerpt from Bloomberg -- "In Smith’s view, the power of Dodd-Frank can already be seen in moves like Citigroup Inc. (C)’s decision to sell off lines of business such as its consumer-lending unit. New regulations governing different lines of business, in addition to the substantial increase in the amount of liquid capital banks must hold, are making it too expensive for financial institutions to stay at their current size, Smith said."
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NYU Stern Foundations, a summer program on business essentials, is highlighted

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Excerpt from US News & World Report -- "Though she's a history major at the University of Pennsylvania, rising junior Jesse Reich, who completed New York University's Stern Foundations: Business Essentials for Non-Business Students program this month, claims that the business professors understood how to frame the difficult concepts in ways that she could understand."
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Nihal Parthasarathi (BS ’08) on winning the NYU Stern New Venture Competition

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Excerpt from Business Insider -- "When 25-year-old North Carolina native Katie Kapler met Nihal Parthasarathi, she knew they'd start a company together. During NYU undergrad, they gave it a shot. But like many founders, their first attempt resulted in utter failure. Now they've re-entered the startup scene with CourseHorse, a company that launched in April."  Additional coverage appeared on NYConvergence.com.
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Credit Suisse's Asset Management Division Launches Systematic Trading Group

Excerpt from Investment Weekly News -- "With the launch of the Group, Credit Suisse's Asset Management division is forming a Systematic Trading Advisory Board. The Board will initially consist of Robert Engle, Nobel Prize in Economics 2003."
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A discussion of the Annapurna Sanctuary at NYU Stern is referenced

Excerpt from The Himalayan Times -- "Enamoured by my passionate celebration of the Annapurna at New York University (NYU), Rachel along with Alison had requested me to host their visit to Nepal. In the plush NYU Stern School classrooms I had described Annapurna as place of ‘cosmic silence’ and ‘soul of the Gods’."
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Socialtext Launches Socialtasks at Enterprise 2.0 Conference

Excerpt from Computer Weekly News -- "More than 6,500 businesses worldwide have accelerated their business performance with Socialtext, including Egon Zehnder, Getty Images, Symantec, Meredith Corporation, NYU Stern, OSIsoft, and Epitaph Records."
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Researchers at New York University Publish New Data on Political Science

Excerpt from Politics & Government Week -- "Plumper and Troeger (2007) propose a three-step procedure for the estimation of a fixed effects (FE) model that, it is claimed, 'provides the most reliable estimates under a wide variety of specifications common to real world data.'"
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New Public Economic Theory Study Findings Have Been Published by Scientists at New York University

Excerpt from Politics & Government Week -- "We study the policy choices of an incumbent politician when voters imperfectly observe aggregate spending and the incumbent's ability."
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Prof. Melissa Schilling on the rise in investments in renewable energy

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Excerpt from USA Today -- "Drops in solar cell prices and surging interest in developing nations led to a 32% increase in investments in renewable energy globally in 2010, a United Nations report finds."
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Prof. Scott Galloway on Facebook’s partnership with Skype

Excerpt from Bloomberg -- "Scott Galloway, founder of L2 Think Tank and a professor at New York University, talks about Facebook Inc.'s plan to offer free video calls over its site through a partnership with Skype Technologies SA, and Facebook's competition with Google Inc.'s social networking site Google+."
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Prof. Nouriel Roubini predicts a “perfect storm” of global economic weakness in 2013

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Excerpt from CNBC -- "My prediction for the perfect storm is not this year or next year but 2013, because everybody is kicking the can down the road," he said in a live interview. "We now have a problem in the US after the election if we don't resolve our fiscal problems. China is overheating...eventually it's going to have a hard landing."
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Study Results from New York University Provide New Insights into Data Security

Excerpt from Information Technology Newsweekly -- "In this paper we show that selecting mutual funds using alpha computed from a fund's holdings and security betas produces better future alphas than selecting funds using alpha computed from a time-series regression on fund returns."
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Prof. Sinan Aral’s research on the benefits of adding viral sharing features to products

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Excerpt from Fast Company -- "Aral's viral strategies are up to 10 times more effective than banner ads in converting users and around twice as effective as email advertising. He also writes that "notifications and invites also vastly outperform the ad campaign used in our recruitment phase on Facebook," meaning that, for this particular product, there was little need for a traditional banner ad campaign to generate an existing base of users."
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