Capitalize on Lifelong Career Coaching

CCWP Alumni Career Coaching2
The Career Center for Working Professionals (CCWP) offers complimentary one-on-one career coaching to all degree holding Stern alumni. Draw from our career coaches' breadth of experiences to:

  • Explore the next step in your career
  • Discuss career transitions, job search strategies, and personal branding
  • Review resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles
  • Prepare for interviews and participate in behavioral mock interviews
  • Practice salary negotiations and performance reviews
  • Take advantage of career and self-assessment tools

How to make an appointment:

  • Log in to your Career Account via SternLife and make an appointment by selecting 'Career Account' and then the 'Coaching' tab
  • If this is your first time logging in to SternLife, please follow these instructions:
    • Go to and select 'Do you need to activate your account?'
    • Enter your Stern Net ID, University ID and Date of Birth
      • If you do not remember your Net ID or University ID, please contact the Office of Records and Registration: or 212-998-0660
    • Set up your account using an email address and password
      • Note: When you set up your account, your username is your Net ID
    • Your SternLife account will open
      • Select 'Career Account' and then the 'Coaching' tab to make an appointment
If you are having issues setting up your account:
  • Please contact Stern IT at or 212-998-0180
    • Note: Let them know you are an ALUM who needs to ACTIVATE their STERLIFE account

We look forward to working with you throughout your personal career journey.