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Communication for Consultants
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Communication for Consultants

Communication for Consultants

Consultants today must be as strategic in their communication as they are in their thinking. Clients expect the consultant to listen well to their perceived needs, engage collaboratively with their staff and ultimately communicate their insights in a manner that leads to some form of change. Managing the communication touch-points in this process will frequently be the deciding factor for success.

In this experiential learning offering, students will take on client engagements. The assignments will require participation from the initial client meeting, through data collection and finally presenting to the client. While the course experience will entail considerable field work, students will be supported by class work that focuses on the communication tools in a typical consulting contract. We'll examine and apply techniques such as brainstorming, conducting interviews, facilitating meetings, building consensus and presenting recommendations. In this way, the course will address communication challenges for consultants and provide a forum for discussing and resolving them.

Some MBA students are eligible for these courses. These may not be offered each semester or every year. The course offerings and teaching faculty are subject to change. Current Students can view our CampusGroups website below for more information on eligbility, the application process, registration timeline, and program policies.

Student Testimonial

“Coming into NYU Stern with little knowledge of consulting, I took Communication for Consultants to demystify the consulting sector. We worked in a mock consulting firm with Professor Hanssen as our managing director. The experience was eye-opening and I loved it!” - Erin, Spring 2021

Current Students