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Inbound Exchange: Academics

MBA Electives
MBA exchange students are permitted to take almost any daytime, evening, or weekend graduate level MBA course (for which they have satisfied any pre-requisites) in almost any subject except Core, Study Abroad, “Application Only,” and non-Stern courses. Electives are not guaranteed, are subject to availability, and may differ from semester to semester. For a general guideline of what courses may be available, please refer to the online course schedule (choose “IMP” for student type).

Students register online once they have been provided a NYU network ID. Typically registration will take place in late June for the fall term and early December for the spring term. If a desired course is closed, students may utilize the online waitlist system; Stern professors are not at liberty to grant enrollment in closed courses. Syllabi are uploaded at the discretion of and on the timeline chosen by the professor leading the course and may not be available for some classes before the first meeting.

Code of Conduct
All students are required to sign the Stern Code of Conduct before taking classes at Stern. Exchange students are held to the same standards as NYU Stern students. Incoming MBA exchange students and home school coordinators should discuss academic integrity and be aware that plagiarism or other infractions will have consequences that may result in failing grades and/or expulsion from the program, as will violations of the NYU Stern and NYU Codes of Conduct.

Class attendance is mandatory.

Class Size
There are up to 60-70 students in most MBA electives.

Class Format
Depending on the faculty and course topic, classes at Stern can be lecture and seminar style, or case method or group project work.

Final exams are scheduled in the last week of a semester for day classes and the last class session for evening classes.

Language of Instruction
All classes are conducted in English. It is expected that all incoming exchange students will be fluent or highly proficient in written and spoken English.

Final grades are compiled from examinations, projects, in-class presentations, and/or class participation and attendance.