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Online M.S. in Quantitative Management

Online Master of Science in Quantitative Management

Program Prerequisites

Program Prerequisites

Students entering NYU Stern’s MSQM program are required to hold a four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in the U.S. or an equivalent degree from a school in a foreign country.

The following are not required for admission to the MSQM. However, admitted students must prove their business writing proficiency before the program begins and be comfortable with the math concepts listed below.

Math Proficiency

Before beginning the program, students are expected to be comfortable with the concepts listed below. You may brush up on your own or take Stern’s online Math Prep. (Details on the admitted student website.)

  • Data Relations (equalities and inequalities, absolute value, ratios, fractions)
  • Functions and Graphs (linear and nonlinear functions)
  • Systems of Equations
  • Exponents (laws of exponents, quadratic formula)
  • Logarithms (compound interest and exponential growth, natural logarithms)
  • Basic calculus (derivatives of polynomial expressions, using first-order conditions to determine maxima and minima)

Business Writing Proficiency

The business writing proficiency requirement may be satisfied in any of three ways:

  1. Earning a score of 4.0 or better on the analytical writing component of a valid GMAT or GRE exam (provided at the time of application submission)
  2. Passing an analytical writing assessment provided by NYU Stern
  3. Taking a non-credit online Business Writing workshop at Stern and passing it no later than the end of the first semester

If you have not satisfied this requirement in one of the first three ways, you will be registered for the Business Writing workshop automatically.

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