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Careers & Network

Your gateway to boundless opportunities and invaluable connections.

We are committed to empowering our students with the resources and guidance they need to embark on successful and fulfilling careers.


The MSQM program is intended for students looking to advance along their current career path and not those seeking to make significant career change. As such, the career services offered to our part-time MSQM students are designed to support student advancement in their current industry or function. 

Career services for MSQM students are provided by the Working Professionals team within the Careers office. The Careers team also offers life-long services to alumni. 

The Careers office offers:

  • Lifetime career coaching that considers your individual interests, strengths, and experiences to strategize a career development plan unique to you
  • Virtual and in-person events on professional development topics, leadership, career design, and opportunities to interact with alumni
  • Job postings from employers exclusively seeking to recruit from Stern's working professionals
  • A foundational career education program made up of three modules to help students navigate any current or future job search
  • Please note, MSQM students do not have access to summer internship or other formal recruiting/interviewing through Stern.. And, the current employment status or any change in the employment status of an MSQM student does not change the eligibility or availability of any of the career services offered to MSQM students.
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Professional Network

MSQM students and alumni benefit from access to Stern’s global alumni community, which includes 110,000+ members in 130+ countries, with 70 percent of alumni currently living in the tri-state area. Learn more