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Online Learning

As an online learner at NYU Stern, you benefit from the highest standards of academic excellence and uncompromising standards for online course design. Our program offers students an engaging, media-rich online environment that not only deepens understanding of course content, but also supports students in creating a strong sense of community as they develop their virtual collaboration skills.

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Residential Immersions

The program begins with the first Residential Immersion over a long weekend on Stern’s campus, in the heart of Greenwich Village.  The Residency gives students the opportunity to network, build friendships, and connect with faculty right from the beginning, while completing half of their first course. A year later, the students return to campus for their second residency, which is another intense combination of learning, networking, and fun.  Learn more about Residential Immersions here.

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Online Course Structure

The program is delivered online with mostly asynchronous content, making it very flexible for working professionals. Each online course spans three weeks and includes two lessons each week. The online courses taken after the Residential Immersion are mostly asynchronous, though there are specific deliverable due dates a couple of times each week. The content is a blend of short videos, problem walk-throughs, readings, interactive modules, self-assessments, and other learning experiences. Assignments are mostly individual, though some courses have team exercises and group projects.

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Focused Courses with a Personal Touch

Each week there are timezone-friendly live Online Meetups which give students the opportunity to interact with their professor and classmates to review, discuss, and ask questions. Students may choose to participate in these weekly 60- to 90-minute live online meetups, though they are highly encouraged. Students can expect a faculty member, teaching fellow, or staff member to reply to their questions within 24 hours on a regular school weekday.