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Highlight of the program

Residency at Stern

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey of online education at one of the world's premier business schools, nestled in the heart of New York City?

Residential Immersion

The online MS in Quantitative Management begins in August with the first of two immersive, four-day residencies. The residencies are a highlight of the MSQM program. They take place at NYU Stern, located in the heart of Greenwich Village, and they give students the unique opportunity to connect with other business leaders as well as Stern faculty. The time students spend together on campus sets the stage for successful virtual collaboration and lifelong relationships as fellow NYU Stern alumni.

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Residency Structure and Experiences

To accommodate working professionals, we schedule each residency over a long weekend in August. During the first residency, you participate in an orientation which introduces you to NYU Stern, your program, program leaders, advisors, course developers, professors, and each other, and enjoy social and cultural activities. You also complete the face-to-face component of the MSQM Communication course.

The second residential immersion takes place a year later. Students complete the face-to-face components of the Professional Responsibility and Collaboration, Conflict & Negotiation courses, meet the incoming MSQM class, and participate in a variety of other activities, including a workshop with career counselors from NYU Stern’s Career Center for Working Professionals.
*In exceptional circumstances, we will consider waiving the residential requirement and provide an alternative for completing the orientation and residency coursework.

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Residency Preparation and Costs

We strongly recommend that students begin planning for the initial residency soon after being accepted into the online MSQM program. The first residential immersion for the MSQM Class of 2026 will take place Friday, August 9th – Monday, August 12th, 2024. The second residential immersion will take place Friday, August 15th – Monday, August 18th, 2025. 

Students are responsible for their own room and board, transportation, and personal expenditures. We provide some meals and are happy to provide guidance on finding a place to stay near campus. NYU has several discounted hotel rates at locations near campus you can explore. You can find information about traveling to and from campus on the Visit NYU Stern page
The NYU Office of Global Services (OGS) provides visa counseling and help with I-20 applications. For more information, visit the OGS website or call 212-998-4720.