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Undergraduate | BPE in Practice: Antonio D’Amaro

Antonio D’Amaro, BPE '24

Tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up in Rome. There I attended an international high school and was fascinated by my economics classes. In particular, I enjoyed discussing macro trends. The main reason why I joined BPE is that I wanted a better grasp of the political and economic drivers of those trends. I can't hide, however, that the study abroad aspect was also very appealing. I love to travel, cook and watch soccer: I know, all very Italian hobbies :)

What feature of BPE have you liked best so far?

Studying abroad in London was the number one experience so far. London is a beautiful city, but that is only part of the deal. Spending three months or so with the same 30/40 people makes you part of a big family. In BPE you can build relationships that may last a lifetime, and that's a super important aspect of college for me.

What class have you enjoyed the most?

Political Economy of Development was a fantastic course, in particular thanks to Professor Querubin. It's a combination of politics and history applied to economics. The content covered was completely novel to me. I loved that each intellectual argument was supported by multiple examples. Definitely one to sign up for!

What are your professional aspirations?

I would like to go into banking. BPE gave me the chance to dive into finance, but then added value through a more global, political approach. Finance and political economy work together, and BPE gave me a competitive advantage that I can apply in interviews and future jobs in Wall Street!

What advice do you have for BPE applicants?

Consider applying to BPE if you love to travel and enjoy discussing politics combined with economics. On the human side, BPE will allow you to join a great family, so definitely look forward to that.


Antonio D'Amaro