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Undergraduate | BPE Student Testimonials: Jonathan Cao

Jonathan Cao, BPE '25

Tell us about yourself.

I grew up in Southborough, Massachusetts, but before high school I moved to Milton, much closer to Boston. I gained a lot of independence, but also realized how different my life and experiences could be just by moving a little bit away from home. That realization made me eager to explore more of the world throughout college. I was interested in BPE because its curriculum provided a great opportunity to travel and experience new cultures. Outside of my professional interests, I also love history, motorcycles, and do a little bit of medieval sword fighting.

What are your professional aspirations?

Right now, I'm aiming to work abroad in East Asia for a while after graduation. Over the next three years I will live abroad, I will be introduced to new people and cultures, and I will delve into international business. I feel that BPE will provide me with excellent foundations to meet the challenges I will face in my professional life.

Are you involved in any co-curricular activities at Stern?

During my first year, I was a Social Impact Fellow. I was involved in a project addressing one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. I also participated in the Freshman Education Program at Bridges for Enterprise NY, and I'll be joining their consulting team next year.

What would you like to tell high school students interested in BPE?

Something that's easy to overlook when applying to college is how those four year will holistically make you better. You're more than a school, resume, or career. How will your college experience make you a wiser, more reliable, more interesting person? I love BPE, because it provides major opportunities for personal growth. You'll not only pick up a lot of skills and knowledge in political economy and business, but you'll also make so many interesting friends and memories across three of the largest, most diverse cities around the globe.


Jonathan Cao