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Undergraduate | BPE in Practice: Maeve Daniels

Maeve Daniels, BPE '18

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am Guyanese-American and was born and raised in New York. I have called New York home for the majority of my life, with the exception of a year spent living in London and half-year spent living in Shanghai during my time in BPE. My extra-professional interests include cooking, hiking, dragon boating, traveling, foreign-language films, memoirs, and music.

What is your current position?

I currently work in Institutional Securities Group Management at Morgan Stanley.

Can you guide us through your career trajectory so far?

After graduating from BPE, I spent three years in Public Finance investment banking at Morgan Stanley, developing and executing financing solutions in the municipal and corporate debt capital markets on behalf of higher education and not-for-profit institutions. I then moved into Institutional Securities Group Management, where I support the execution and development of long-term organizational strategy.

What stands out to you about your BPE experience?

BPE is a program that is interdisciplinary at its most fundamental. Beyond providing a solid foundation across each of the business, political economy, and economics cores, the BPE experience is marked by intellectual rigor in understanding the interactions among the three. The ability to build this knowledge while living and studying across various global contexts proved an invaluable opportunity to further develop cultural competence in an interconnected global environment.

What advice would you give to current BPE students?

Embrace every challenge as an opportunity. You never know how or when that experience may resurface throughout the course of your career and life.

When you look back on your time at Stern, how did the BPE experience influence your career decisions and professional development?

I began my BPE experience with an interest in studying economic development and ended up equipped with both breadth and depth of knowledge across economics, political economy, and financial markets. In studying the world through these lenses, BPE provided me with an academic basis for examining how economic development occurs in practice, energizing me to pursue a career at the intersection of finance and public policy.

Maeve Daniels

Maeve Daniels