Professor Rob Salomon Launches His New Book, Global Vision

At a recent book launch event at NYU Stern, Robert Salomon, Associate Professor of Management and Organizations and an expert in globalization, shared with an audience of alumni, students, and faculty why some of today’s brand-name companies like Uber, IKEA, Walmart, and even Starbucks have fallen far short of expectations for successful expansion overseas, the topic of his new book, Global Vision: How Companies Can Overcome the Pitfalls of Globalization.

During the talk, Prof. Salomon underscored how looking at a country’s economic, political and cultural factors can uncover the hidden risks of globalization, and introduced his new approach for overcoming them. Taking into account cultural, political and economic factors, from pricing, workforce and legal issues, to government and administrative differences, Prof. Salomon explained how a business of any scale can avoid the fatal mistakes – and paralyzing risks – that derail many companies’ globalization plans.

Drawing on case studies, he shared insights on why Walmart stumbled in China and Target pulled out of Canada, among others. Prof. Salomon also introduced his Global Acumen framework, a strategic tool he designed to help managers better understand risk spreads, allowing them to navigate globalization hazards while increasing the likelihood a company will thrive in global markets.  
The audience at this well-attended event organized by Stern’s Alumni Relations team was eager for Prof. Salomon to elaborate on his risk assessment tool and how it can be applied to their company. After the talk, Dean Henry thanked everyone for attending, and guests enjoyed a reception afterward.

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