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Paul Romer Headshot 124x140
Paul Romer, Professor of Economics and Director of the NYU Stern Urbanization Project, which focuses on the world's urban areas as units of analysis
Scott Galloway Headshot 124x140
Scott Galloway, Clinical Professor of Marketing, founder of nine companies, including Red Envelope and L2, a think tank on digital innovation
Anat Lechner, Clinical Associate Professor of Management and Organizations, studies how organizational structure affects innovation, and the management of high-performing teams
Aswath Damodaran Headshot 124x140
Aswath Damodran, Professor of Finance, one of the world's leading experts on valuation and applied corporate finance
Kristen Sosulski Headshot 124x140 v2
Kristen Sosulski, Clinical Professor of Information, Operations & Management Sciences, teaches Data Visualization, Director of the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning
Luke Williams Headshot 124x140
Luke Williams, Clinical Associate Professor of Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Executive Director of the W.R. Berkley Innovation Lab, and author of Disrupt
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Peter Henry, Dean, NYU Stern School of Business, Department of Economics

Adam Alter, Assistant Professor of Marketing
Aswath Damodaran, Professor of Finance
Scott Galloway, Clinical Professor of Marketing
Anindya Ghose, Associate Professor of Information, Operations & Management Sciences
Jonathan Haidt, Thomas Cooley Professor of Ethical Leadership
Paul Romer, Professor of Economics, Director of The Urbanization Project
Nouriel Roubini, Professor of Economics & International Business
Robert Salomon, Associate Professor of Management & Organizations
A. Michael Spence, Professor of Economics
Arun Sundararajan, Associate Professor of Information, Operations & Management Sciences
Luke Williams, Adjunct Professor of Marketing and Innovation

Faculty Conversations

Watch as Professors Scott Galloway and Aswath Damodaran discuss social media valuations.