Tuition & Fees

2020-2021 Tuition per credit for Part-time MBA students is $2,375. The Part-time MBA program is a total of 60 credits. Students typically take about 18-22 credits per year and typically finish the program in just over three years – though this varies from student to student. Tuition does not include registration, program, or other fees.

The NYU Bursar also offers the option of a deferred payment plan. Under this plan, 50% of the tuition is due at the start of the semester. The remaining balance is due later in the semester and is typically paid in two 25% installments.  This enables students to spread out payments over the course of a semester. For more information on the deferred payment plan, please visit the NYU Bursar website.

Below is an estimated summary of the Tuition and Required Fees. This estimate is for a sample three year schedule for students who begin the Part-time MBA program in the fall of the academic year 2020-2021. The purpose of this estimate is to provide a rough sense of the total cost of the program and how those costs may be incurred over the course of the program.  As such, this estimate should not be considered as an official statement of the actual costs of the program. This estimate assumes that both tuition and fees increase by 3% per year. Typical annual increases for tuition and fees are about 3-4%, but can vary each year and be more or less than these percentages. There are also potential other non-required fees that students may incur depending on their choices in the program; these could include study abroad programs, workshops, etc. These types of non-required fees are not included in this estimate.

Sample Three-Year Schedule of Tuition & Required Fees

Year One: 2020-2021
  Fall Winter/Spring Summer Total Year
Credits 6.0 9.0 7.5 22.5
Tuition $14,250 $21,375 $17,813 $53,438
Registration Fees $878 $1,094 $986 $2,958
Orientation Fee $195 $0 $0 $195
Total $15,323 $22,469 $18,799 $56,591
Year Two: 2021-2022
  Fall Winter/Spring Summer Total Year
Credits 6.0 9.0 4.5 19.5
Tuition $14,678 $22,016 $11,008 $47,702
Registration Fees $904 $1,127 $793 $2,824
Total $15,582 $23,143 $11,801 $50,526
Year Three: 2022-2023
  Fall Winter/Spring Summer Total Year
Credits 6.0 6.0 6.0 18.0
Tuition $15,118 $15,118 $15,118 $45,353
Registration Fees $931 $931 $931 $2,794
Total $16,049 $16,049 $16,049 $48148
Estimated Total Tuition and Fees                    $155,265

For more information on tuition and estimated living expenses, please visit the Stern Graduate Financial Aid website.