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Part-time MBA | Admissions


Video: Part-time MBA Admissions Overview

Watch an overview of the NYU Stern Langone Part-time MBA admissions process. (Video length: 4.36)

Application Deadlines

The Fall 2024 application is now open! The Spring application is typically available in June.

Fall 2024

  Deadline Initial Notification By
1st Deadline February 15, 2024 May 1, 2024 (no later than)
2nd Deadline April 1, 2024 June 15, 2024 (no later than)
3rd Deadline May 15, 2024 Ongoing

Spring 2025 (preliminary)

  Deadline Initial Notification By
1st Deadline September 15, 2024 TBD
2nd Deadline October 15, 2024 TBD
3rd Deadline November 15, 2024 TBD

In the majority of cases, we send notifications earlier than the dates above. 

Initial notifications: 

  • Offer of admission
  • Waitlist offer
  • Denial of admission
  • (Interview – but only in rare cases)

More info on Deadlines & Process


We evaluate a candidate’s academic profile, professional accomplishments, and personal characteristics.


Eligibility to Apply

  • Undergraduate Degree - Four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in the US or an equivalent degree from a foreign country
  • Mastery of English
  • Visa Eligibility for International Students (Part-time study does not provide student visa eligibility)

More info on Eligibility & Selection 


NYU Stern requires either the GMAT, GMAT Focus Edition, GRE, or EA (Executive Assessment), unless you qualify for one of the test waivers.

Fall 2023 - Test for Admission % Enrolled Average
GMAT 28% 669
GRE 19% 160 Verbal / 160 Quantitative
EA (Executive Assessment) 9% see below for a score range
Test Waiver 44%  

More info on Tests


Test Waivers

You may qualify to waive the standardized tests if you meet the conditions of one of our two test waivers.

  • Business Major Test Waiver

    • Have earned a four-year bachelor's degree from U.S. accredited college or university in the U.S. 
    • Were a business major (per our approved list)
    • Graduated with a final cumulative GPA of 3.40 or higher
  • NYU Undergraduate Test Waiver

    • Have an undergraduate degree conferred by New York University
    • Have earned a final cumulative GPA of 3.20 or higher

View full waiver details & conditions.

Paul Blalock

Video: Student Voices

Paul Blalock attended Northern Illinois University and currently works in Professional Sports. (Video length: 3.44)

Watch Video >>

Class Profile Highlights

Entering Class Profile

Enrollment Statistics
Fall 2023 264
Spring 2024 247

Fall 2023 Part-time MBA

Class Demographics

Female 42%
Minority* 44%
Asian American 29%
Hispanic/Latino 10%
African American/Black 7%
International + 25%
Number of Countries Represented** 31
LGBTQ+ 12%
US Military Veterans/Active Duty 4%

GPA Average 3.46
GPA 90% Range 2.68 - 3.93
GMAT Average 669
GMAT 80% Range 602 - 728
GRE Average

160 Verbal

160 Quantitative

GRE 80% Range

153 - 165 Verbal

153 - 166 Quantitative

EA Range While a specific average is not available for the class, historically most admitted part-time MBA students score between a 147 - 162 on the exam. 

Work Experience
Students with Work Experience 96%
90% Range - Years of Work Experience 1 - 12 years
*Percentage includes U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents who identify as African American/Black, Asian, Hawaiian Native/Pacific Islander, Hispanic, or Native American/Alaska Native
The percentage of US Citizen/Permanent Resident matriculants who identify as African American/Black, Hispanic, Native American/Alaskan Native, or Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander is calculated using multi-dimensional guidelines which allows for students to identify with more than one race.

+Includes Foreign National, Dual Citizen, and U.S. Permanent Resident
**Includes all countries of citizenship

Full Class Profile Info

Professional Achievements

Most of our students have between 1-10 years of work experience; however, work experience is not a requirement to apply.



  • One recommendation required
  • Ideally from current supervisor
  • Recommender provides an overall rating and 10 skills/abilities ratings
  • Recommender responds to three short answer questions


  • Typically a one page summary, but can be longer
  • Indicate all full-time, post-university work experience
  • A work history in summary form is also required

More info on Recommendation & Resume

Feona Castro

Video: Student Voices

Feona Castro attended Ateneo de Manila University and currently works in Asset Management. (Video length: 3.08)

Watch Video >>


  • Essay 1: Professional Aspirations
    • What are your short- and long-term career goals?
    • How will the Part-time MBA help you achieve them?
  • Essay 2: Person, Place & Thing
    • Please share three images - one of a person, one of a place and one of a thing - for the Admissions Committee. These selections should help provide insight into your qualities, interests, values, motivations, perspective, and/or personality that you would bring to the Stern community.
    • For each image you will be able to add a short paragraph explaining what your person, place & thing says about you (each paragraph should be no more than 150 words).
    • Your document of three images must be uploaded as a single PDF (they cannot be sent in physical form or be linked to a website).
  • Additionally, you may submit an optional essay if you need to provide a brief explanation for any part of your application.

More info on Essays


  • Provide transcripts from all institutions you have attended
  • You may submit unofficial or self-reported transcripts to apply
  • You must submit official transcripts prior to enrolling

More info on Transcripts

Stern Chats logo

Stern Chats: Amanda Villarreal

The Long Journey to the MBA. (Podcast length: 44.00)

Listen Now >>


It’s important for all applicants to carefully review the full details of our Part-time MBA Admissions policies prior to applying.

More info on Admissions Policies

International Students

International students are required to fill out a supplement with information regarding visa status and a permanent foreign address.

More info for International Students

Please note:

This page provides a general overview of some aspects of our program and admissions process. For full details, including requirements, restrictions, and more specific information, please access the relevant links.