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Part-time MBA | Class Profile

Entering Class Profile

Enrollment Statistics
Fall 2022                     221

Fall 2022 Class Information

Class Demographics
Female 49%   
Minority* 41%
Asian American 23%
Hispanic/Latino 13%
African American/Black 7%
International+ 21%
Number of Countries Represented** 29
LGBTQ+ 10%
US Military Veterans/Active Duty 3%
Undergraduate Majors
Business 47%
Engineering, Math, Science 23%
Economics 11%
Social Science 13%
Humanities, Arts, Other 6%
Test Considered for Admission
GMAT 30%   
GRE 18%
EA 9%
None - met test waiver requirements^^ 43%
Average                                                                                        3.52
90% Range 2.96 - 3.91
Average                         670
Quantitative Average     160
Verbal Average 159
Range    While a specific average is not available for the class, historically most admitted part-time MBA students score between a 147-162 on the exam.
Work Experience
Students with Work Experience 98%   
90% Range - Years of Work Experience 1 - 11  
Industries Represented
Financial Services 31% Energy 1%
Technology 9% Engineering 2%
Consumer Products, Retail 9% Manufacturing, Import/Export, Trade 2%
Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals 13% Real Estate 3%
Consulting 8% Entertainment, Media 3%
Nonprofit, Arts, Education 5% Military, Government 2%
Advertising, Public Relations 2% Other 10%

*Percentage includes U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents who identify as African American/Black,Asian,Hawaiin Native/Pacific Islander, Hispanic, or Native American/Alaska Native
The percentage of US Citizen/Permanent Resident matriculants who identify as African American/Black, Hispanic, Native American/Alaskan Native, or Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander is calculated using multi-dimensional guidelines which allows for students to identify with more than one race.
+Includes Foreign National, Dual Citizen, and U.S. Permanent Resident
**Includes all countries of citizenship
^^For full details on the test waiver requirements, click here.