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Online/Modular Program Option

The Online/Modular program option combines online courses with one-week in-person modules in NYC.

Online/Modular Option

The new Online/Modular option allows students to complete the entire program via a combination of online courses and in-person modules. This is not an online MBA, but rather a hybrid approach that combines some online learning with in-person courses taught on campus in NYC.

First, students complete the core curriculum entirely through online courses (about half of the program). Second, students may finish the elective portion of the degree through a combination of the following:
  • One-week intensive in-person modules in NYC
  • Regular in-person courses on weeknights or Saturdays in NYC
  • A select range of online elective courses
Please note that at least 9 elective credits must be completed in person.

Online core courses: 

The majority of the online core courses will be taught “live” (synchronously) so there is real-time interaction with your professors and classmates. Core online classes are planned to be taught on weeknights from 7:00 – 9:00 PM EST, with the remaining course content covered through videos, exercises, and readings that can be done at any time that suits a student’s schedule (asynchronously). 

The asynchronous content enables courses to start later than our in-person courses. The online courses start at 7:00 PM whereas our regular in-person courses start at 6:00 PM. The later starting time is an added convenience for those in nearby time zones or whose busy work schedules include longer hours.

(Please note that some classes may be offered on other days and some classes may be 6:00 - 9:00 PM EST depending on the professor and subject matter. Elective in-person and online courses may be offered during other days and times.)

Immersive One-week Modules in NYC 

The modules will focus on specific business topics in an immersive seminar-style approach. We believe that the in-person NYC immersion is an integral part of the unique NYU Stern MBA experience. This module format provides students the opportunity to come to New York City for the week and experience the city and Stern. The module format is of course especially beneficial for those who may live further away from New York or have very busy work or travel schedules. 
Each module will cover 4.5 elective credits by integrating three 1.5 credit courses that are organized around a unique, focused and relevant theme or subject matter in business today. The intensive one-week modules are planned to run Monday - Saturday (9:00 AM – 12:00 PM and 1:30 – 4:30 PM) in NYC. In the evening, there will also be assignments and group work required. Each module will require additional work both before and after the week in NYC. We anticipate that this pre/post work will be covered through videos, exercises, and readings that can be done when it is convenient for the student (asynchronously). 

Students must be able to enroll in the entire module to earn credit for the module and students are required to complete all 4.5 credits of coursework to participate. Students are not able to participate in just one or two courses of the module or only a portion of the module. If a student has already taken one course in the module, they should explore other modular options offered, enroll in intensives where they can take one course or review the online/in person schedule for other course options.

The first modules are planned to start in fall 2023. This timing aligns with when the online core will have been completed by the first intake of Online/Modular option students. The current plan is that modules will be available in December, January, March, June, and July during the year. As of now, the school will offer either one or two modules during any of these periods.

NYU Stern plans to have at least five different modules available during the 2023-2024 academic year and to add more over time. The final set of modules will be announced closer to 2023, but as of now the modules currently under development are planned to cover the following areas:
  • Thinking Strategically
  • Leading an Organization
  • The Financial Industry
  • Global Business
  • Tech Innovation
Please note that the modules are an academic experience and as such there are no professional networking events or social activities planned during the module so that students can focus on the coursework.

Students are responsible for their own travel, lodging and meals during modules.  NYU Stern does not provide housing or meals during modules.

Online/Modular Elective Options

Students in the Online/Modular option may complete their electives through a combination of the following choices:

Modules: One-week intensive in-person modules in NYC that focus on specific and relevant business topics in an immersive seminar-style approach. Many modules will include guest speakers and experts from industry in the NYC area to talk about the most relevant development in the area.

Regular in-person classes: Online/modular students may attend regular in-person elective courses on weeknights or Saturdays in NYC as well as our international study and experiential learning courses. While this is available to the online/modular students, these courses are not necessary to complete the MBA as the entire program can be done via online courses and in-person modules. Additionally, the Doing Business in (DBi) international courses can count towards the 9 in-person elective requirement.

Online electives:  A select range of some of our highly desirable elective courses will be delivered online. These electives are clustered into two categories. The first is essential elective courses, which are some of our most popular electives among our Part-time MBA students. The second is specific focus elective courses that hone key areas of knowledge and allow students to go even deeper into topics relevant to their careers. Like the online core courses, these are taught “live” on weeknights from 7:00 – 9:00 PM and will include some pre-work as well.

The following are the planned essential elective courses to be offered regularly online:
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Corporate Finance
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Valuation
  • Negotiating Complex Transactions
  • Managing the Growing Company
  • Managing Change
  • Leadership Models
  • Advanced Strategy: Tools
  • Technology Innovation Strategy
  • Foundations of Entrepreneurship
  • Power and Politics in Organizations
  • Brand Strategy
  • Pricing
  • Decision Models and Analytics
  • Data Driven Decision Making
Please note the essential online elective courses could change somewhat over time and may not all be available each semester.
The specific focus electives offered may vary considerably from semester to semester and year to year based on a number of factors. The following are a sample set of specific focus elective courses for illustrative purposes only, this list is based on current electives being offered to Part-time MBA students:
  • Modeling Financial Statements
  • Modeling Corporate Transactions
  • Work, Wisdom and Happiness
  • Case Studies in Bankruptcy & Restructuring
  • Advanced Negotiation: Complex Transactions
  • Biotechnology Industry, Structure & Strategy
  • Entertainment and Media Industry
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Social Media and Mobile Technology
  • Digital Marketing Analytics
  • R Programming for Data
  • Programming in Python
  • Business Drivers

As all the online elective offerings and the modules may vary over time, not all of our specializations will be possible for online/modular students without taking some of their elective courses in person in NYC on weeknights or Saturdays. However, it is anticipated that several of the most popular specializations should be able to be obtained via the combination of online courses and modules. 

These specializations likely include: Strategy, Management, Finance as well as Entrepreneurship & Innovation.  

International Applicants

Please note that the NYU Stern Langone MBA program is considered part-time study and as such does not provide student visa eligibility. Even students who wish to do the online/modular option will need to have the necessary visa for the program.

Program Details

  • Langone LAB is a mandatory one-day high-impact introduction to the Langone MBA program conducted in person in New York City, typically on a Saturday. Students are responsible for any transportation and/or accommodation needed to attend Langone LAB. If for any reason you feel it would be inordinately difficult to attend LAB in person in NYC, you may contact the Office of Student Engagement to discuss if there are possible alternatives available.
  • As a student in the Online/Modular option, you are placed in a cohort (Block) of other Online/Modular students, typically no bigger than about 50-60 students, all of whom take most core classes on that same schedule.
  • After your first two semesters, you may continue to take core classes online or also take in person classes on weeknights or Saturdays as best fits your schedule. It is also possible to switch program options to in person Weeknights, Saturdays or Accelerated.
  • Classes are offered in Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters and through intensive periods in January and the late summer.
  • Fall and Spring courses are typically about 12 weeks long; each class meets once per week.
  • Summer is divided into two six-week semesters; each class meets twice per week.
  • Courses held during intensive periods (January and late summer) provide the opportunity to earn 1.5 or 3 credits at a faster pace and may be on weeknights or weekends – these courses may only be available as in person options during some periods. Please note that intensive courses are different than the modules. They are taught like regular in person courses on weeknights, just in a more compressed schedule.
  • Faculty members host weekly office hours outside of the regular course schedule both in person and remotely, and many record videos of their course sessions to be available for remote viewing after class.

Please note: 

  • Langone Part-time MBA students must satisfy the Leadership in Organizations requirement in their first semester in the program. There will not be an opportunity to take this course after the first semester.
  • Langone Part-time MBA students are not permitted to register for electives during their first two semesters in the MBA program. Any Basic Core course in which a student establishes proficiency must be replaced by a Stern Core course. 
  • Most electives have Core courses as pre- or co-requisites. If you wish to take an elective for which a certain Core course is a pre- or co-requisite, you will need to complete or establish proficiency in that Core course.
  • At least 9 credits of elective courses must be completed in person for the Online/Modular option.

In addition to the Online/Modular Option, the Part-time MBA program has three other scheduling options: Weeknights Option, Saturday Option and Accelerated Two-Year Option.

Sample Schedule

  • Students can start in either the Fall or Spring Semester. 
  • The program is flexible and can be done in 2-6 years; most students complete the program in about 3 years. Students in the Saturday and Online/Modular options would likely have to take weeknight courses in person in NYC to complete the program in less than 3 years.
  • You have six years to complete your MBA program.

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Please note that due to Covid-19, the information above is subject to change. Please reach out to with any questions.