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Part-time MBA | Specializations & Electives

Specializations & Electives

Select up to three specializations out of 27 available.

  • Specializations include 9 credits, or typically three courses.
  • Choose from 200+ electives. Please note that not all elective courses or courses at other graduate schools are offered in every term or during evenings or Saturdays or online. (NOTE: For those students on a Saturday-only schedule, specialization choices are limited to Finance and Management only, as not all elective courses are offered on Saturdays. For students in the Online/Modular Option, specializations available may also be more limited depending on how elective courses are completed.) 
  • Elective classes are offered on weeknights and Saturdays in conjunction with the Part-time MBA program schedule, as well as during weekdays in conjunction with the Full-time MBA program schedule. Part-time students may take electives outside of their designated day/time option with prior approval from the Office of Academic Affairs and Advising on a space-available basis.
  • Some electives are also offered online or through one-week modules as part of the Online/Modular Option. These courses are subject to availability. Please note that at least 9 credits of elective courses must be completed in person for the Online/Modular option.
  • Opt to take up to 25 percent of your courses at other NYU graduate schools or international partner institutions. These courses are almost all taught in person.
  • Participate in a Doing Business In (DBi) course in over 10 locations worldwide or leverage one of Stern's partner schools across 30 countries as a part of Stern's Global Program offerings. Due to their nature, these courses are almost all taught in person.
  • Solve real-world business problems in real-time through Stern Solutions experiential education opportunities. Due to their nature, these courses are almost all taught in person.

Specialization & Elective Course Listing

Please also note that this course listing is a sample only. Exact specialization requirements are subject to change, and not all courses are offered each semester or academic year.



Skill-Based Workshops

In addition to the specializations available, students may also partake in any of the many free, practical, skill-based workshops offered by the Office of Academic Affairs. Some past workshops have included: 

  • Excel Basics for Business Applications
  • Innovation, Design Thinking & Experience Design - Foundations
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity

 Please reach out to with any questions.