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Student Clubs

Strengthen your leadership skills within the Stern community

All students at Stern have strong voices regarding the direction of the school. Stern offers numerous ways to get involved – whether it's through one of nearly 40 clubs or through the Stern student government.

Student Clubs

The clubs and associations at Stern are primary venues for student involvement, career networking, and meeting classmates with similar goals, interests and hobbies. Most students participate in at least two clubs.

Langone Student Government (LSG)

The Langone Student Government (LSG) is the governing body of the Langone MBA community. Its three main goals are to:
  • promote networking opportunities
  • provide advocacy
  • offer leadership prospects for Langone MBA students
The President, Executive Vice President and Vice President of First Year Students of LSG’s board are elected annually, while core group leaders are elected at the start of the MBA program. LSG committee chairs are selected at the end of each academic year.

Stern Partners Committee

The Stern Partners Committee, one of the SGov Committees, provides support, resources and organized activities for students with partners and/or families.

Learn more about Student Organizations at NYU Stern.

Club Spotlight

Stern Soccer Club at MBA Championships

Part-time Stern Soccer Club
"Fun, friends and soccer: these are the ingredients of the Soccer Club. As co-president of the club, I exercise the leadership and management skills taught at Stern. Every single drop of sweat is rewarded."

João L. Bueno
B.E., Universidade de Sao Paulo