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outside view of Kauffman Management Center; large grey building with glass dome

Alternative Investments

The Stern School is a powerful place for faculty members to apply their financial knowledge in research and understanding of Alternative Investments. Please use and browse through this website to know about their work in topics ranging from Venture Capital to Liquidity and Tail Risk in alternative asset investments.

What's New

Excerpt from China Economic Review -- "In Asia, risk is increasing, and has been increasing for a decade. The financial crisis did not show up very much in Asian banks, but they look substantially riskier today than they did five years ago.

And in China, the rate of increase is very high. Its banking sector is taking on a risk at a very rapid rate. This is by publicly available accounting numbers. So, my feeling is, at the moment, that China is big enough, strong enough that they could recapitalize the banks." Read More..

Shaping Liquidity by Voluntary Disclosure

Professor Alexander Ljungqvist discusses the causal effects of voluntary disclosure on the liquidity of firms's share. By voluntarily disclosing more information than is mandated by market regulations firms can have a sizeable and beneficial effect on liquidity. Read the full paper here.

Family Office

Stern has a unique connection with the Family Office Council sharing its Faculty research and resources in Alternative Investments.