Household Finance

The Great Recession has highlighted the importance of household balance sheets in influencing financial markets and determining aggregate economic activity. This research programs focuses on better understanding important aspects of household financial decisions making, and their interaction with the broader economy. In understanding these decisions, we consider, for example, the role of asymmetric information, behavioral biases, and interactions through social networks. On the asset side of the household balance sheet, we analyze topics such as retirement saving, real estate investments, and optimal household portfolio choice. On the liabilities side, we consider issues such as credit card debt, mortgage choice, and student loans. We organize an annual conference that brings together faculty from NYU and other leading institutions to discuss these issues. In addition, we hold regular seminars and provide a forum for NYU faculty to publicize their research to the broader policy community.

Johannes Stroebel
Associate Professor of Finance
Director, Household Finance Program

PhD class on Household Finance

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