Credit & Debt Markets Research Project

One of the engines of corporate and global growth is the efficient functioning and dynamic nature of our world’s credit and debt markets. The NYU Salomon Center has identified these markets as one of our key focus areas for committed and state-of-the-art research and dissemination of information and analytics. Our objective is to invite the University’s scholars, indeed the world’s experts, to come together in a series of research endeavors as well as specialized symposia and larger conferences to explore the many complex dimensions of financings, investment allocations, regulatory considerations and flow of capital involving global fixed income and credit markets. We plan to assemble an important set of databases to support our research and to convene relevant and important conferences on a regular basis. The research faculty at the Stern School of Business, and particularly its world class Finance Area, is uniquely qualified to lead these efforts, and we invite practitioners as well as academic scholars to join us in our endeavors.

New From the Credit and Debt Markets Research Program
The Credit and Debt Markets Research Program of the NYU Salomon Center will initiate an “Executive Summary” Blog on “Current Conditions & Outlook in the High-Yield Bond and Distressed Debt Markets” authored by Professor Edward Altman. This blog will comment on the past quarter’s performance of Defaults and Returns in the High-Yield and Distressed Debt Markets, as well as present his forecasts (see the First-Half 2019’s Blog at the link above or at the left). For those interested in his full reports on these markets, as well as our monthly Index of Returns on Defaulted Bonds and Bank Loans. For more details on our Indexes and Reports, see the Index descriptions by following the link to the left. Additionally, other NYU Stern faculty will also be adding periodic blogs commenting on various aspects of the Credit and Debt Markets, including corporate, consumer, sovereign and derivative markets. We would appreciate any comments on this new addition to our Research and Publication program.

Summary of New Research and Outlook on Credit Markets
Summary Report of a major conference that we held at the Stern School on May 24, 2016 on "New Research and Outlook on Credit Markets". The conference was attended by almost 400 professional practitioners and academic scholars. We would like to thank our Conference partner, S&P Global Market Intelligence (former S&P Capital IQ), for assisting us to organize, participate, and support this important event. Whether you attended the conference, or not, we hope this Summary, co-authored by Dr. Cristiano Zazzara, co- chair of the Conference Program Committee, and myself, will provide a useful reference on global credit markets. Comments are welcome.

Edward I. Altman
Max L. Heine Professor of Finance
Program Director, Credit & Debt Markets Research Project