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Change... Are You Ready to Embrace It?

NYU Stern School of Business debuts new brand call to action to thrive in today’s business world
Art with the words, "Change. Embrace it."

Change.  Will you dare it? Ignite it? Lead it? How do you thrive in a global business world where the only constant you can count on is change itself?

NYU Stern School of Business, a School with deep roots knitted into the fabric of New York City, a global incubator for agents of change, readies the best to embrace it. 

That’s the inspiration that NYU Stern announced today as a bold call to action to both prospective students and members of its community.  The School debuted an anthemic brand animation and new tagline -- or rather, an unconventional customizable tagline -- that empowers individuals to express how they view change at the moment, with the flexibility and freedom to swap it whenever they like (see expressions from some of Stern’s administrators below).

Watch the video here:

The new brand expression lines up with the rapid pace of innovation at the School, including new programs, new formats, new geographic offerings, new student experiences and lifelong learning for alumni, all put in place to anticipate and meet the changing needs of companies and students.  For example, over the past 36 months alone, Stern introduced seven new programs, including focused MBAs spanning technology, entrepreneurship, fashion and luxury; an Executive MBA in Washington, D.C.; the first online master’s in management in the U.S; joint master’s with NYU Shanghai; and more.

“Stern is on the front foot when it comes to the rapidly changing global and tech-fueled business landscape,” said Raghu Sundaram, Dean of NYU Stern.  “Today’s business world demands talent with the skills and mindset to excel in environments that constantly change -- people who are nimble, adaptable and agile when it comes to dealing with ambiguity.  As a School, we are role modeling this for students through our approach to innovation and by delivering a transformative experience.”

To that end, Stern is also introducing a new co-curricular Change:Studio for its full-time MBA students, beginning with the Class of 2022.  The Change:Studio is designed to help MBAs become adept at understanding, impacting and driving change and will include three pillars -- Leadership Development, Experiential Learning and Entrepreneurship Programming. Students will engage in the studio from the first moment they arrive on campus for orientation and then self-select from a menu of options in each area throughout their MBA experience.

About New York University Stern School of Business
New York University Stern School of Business, located in the heart of Greenwich Village and deeply connected with the City for which it is named, is one of the nation’s premier management education schools and research centers. NYU Stern offers a broad portfolio of transformational programs at the graduate, undergraduate and executive levels, all of them enriched by the dynamism and deep resources of one of the world’s business capitals. NYU Stern is a community that fosters inclusion, belonging, diversity and equity, and inspires its members to embrace change in a globally changing world.  Visit and follow NYU Stern on Twitter: @NYUStern.

Custom Taglines from Members of the Stern Community
“Stern is all about transformation and improving the world.”
         CHANGE. RIDE IT.
“Because change is approaching like a big wave, so let it empower your journey.”
“Because creativity is what you need to drive innovation.”
“Because change can only happen when you bring others along for the ride.”
“Because change is the only constant. You need to own it. It needs to be part of everything that you do.”
“Because I see our students embrace change throughout their time here at Stern. Personal change, academic change, professional change -- our students all emerge transformed in some way and they do it in New York City, arguably the most dynamic city in the world.”