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NYU Stern Experts Available for Comment on 2020 Super Bowl

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NYU Stern faculty are available to offer perspectives on this year’s Super Bowl advertising and marketing trends.

NYU Stern faculty are available to offer perspectives on this year’s Super Bowl advertising and marketing trends.

In addition to commentary on this year’s new and notable ads, the following professors can speak to what we will see this year around political and social themes, consumer engagement during the game and the power of social media.

Topics include:
  • Reputation & Brand Management - Professor Tülin Erdem, chair of NYU Stern's Marketing Department, can discuss brands’ and celebrities’ decisions to associate with the big game.
  • Super Bowl Ad Predictions - Professor Priya Raghubir forecasts an increase in socially conscious messaging highlighting initiatives ranging from diversity and gender, age, and race, to environmental consciousness, labor practices and education. She also predicts that more ads are likely to depart from the 30-second typical spot to go with longer durations in a hope to break out from the clutter.
  • Political and Social Themes Dominate - Professor Russell Winer, deputy chair of NYU Stern’s Marketing Department, anticipates more brands will draw on political and social themes in their ads, such as supporting immigrants or the #MeToo movement, as well as the upcoming presidential election.
  • The Power of Social Media - Professor Alixandra Barasch examines ads that performed well on social media platforms and discusses what factors help an ad go viral.
  • Engagement on Mobile During the Big Game - Professor Anindya Ghose, author of “Tap: Unlocking the Mobile Economy,” offers insights on brands’ mobile ad strategies this year and discusses how AI is being used in ads. 
  • Cars in the Spotlight - Professor Thomaï Serdari, luxury marketing expert, contends that Super Bowl ads offer a great platform for the auto industry to control their brand message, explaining why Audi, Porsche, Toyota, Kia & Hyundai are investing in ad time that costs upwards of $5 million for 30 seconds of air time.  She argues that smart, humorous spots will be key this year to capture consumer attention.
  • Ad Impact - Professor Bryan Bollinger judges the likeliness that an advertisement will alter consumer behavior.
Please contact the Office of Public Affairs at 212.998.0202 or or the faculty directly to arrange interviews.