Frequently Asked Questions

Students and Alumni can schedule an appointment online through Career Account

If you are an alum accessing your career account for the first time using our platform Sternlife:

  • Log in to your Career Account via SternLife and make an appointment by selecting 'Career Account' and then the 'Coaching' tab
  • If this is your first time logging in to SternLife, please follow these instructions:
  • Go to and select 'Do you need to activate your account?'
  • Enter your Stern Net ID, University ID and Date of Birth
    • If you do not remember your Net ID or University ID, please contact the Office of Records and Registration: or 212-998-0660
  • Set up your account using an email address and password
    • Note: When you set up your account, your username is your Net ID
  • Your SternLife account will open
  • Select 'Career Account' and then the 'Coaching' tab to make an appointment

If you are having issues setting up your account:

  • Please contact Stern IT at or 212-998-0180
    • Note: Let them know you are an ALUM who needs to ACTIVATE their STERLIFE account

Once you are logged in to your Career Account in 12Twenty:

After you have successfully accessed your Career Account, you can schedule an appointment by clicking the Appointments tab.

Once you’ve selected the Appointments tab, you will see a drop down list of available appointment slots. Select the time and date that works best for you to book an appointment. You can also navigate to the following week using the > arrow next to the date.

  • After selecting the appointment time, select the Book Appointment button in black.
  • In the next screen, select your preferred appointment type from the drop down menu.
  • Then, upload your resume if you haven’t done so already using the ‘Upload’ button.
  • Add notes for your coach explaining the nature of your appointment.
  • Hit the Book Appointment button to secure your appointment.

Once you have successfully booked your appointment, you will be able to see it visibly in the ‘Appointments’ section of your Career Account. Please keep in mind that you can only schedule one appointment at a time, therefore, you will not be able to see future appointments once you have booked your appointment. 

How to Cancel Your Appointment in 12Twenty

To cancel your appointment, go to the ‘Appointments’ tab and click on into your appointment by selecting the time slot that is posted as your appointment time in purple. Select the three dots next to the X and then hit ‘Cancel Appointment.’ Another screen will pop up asking if you’re sure you want to cancel your appointment. Select ‘Yes, cancel it’ to confirm the cancellation. If you’d like to change your appointment details (i.e. the notes, upload a resume, or the appointment type) instead of hitting ‘Cancel Appointment’ select ‘Edit’ to make your changes and then ‘Save’ to confirm changes.

Once you have cancelled your appointment, you will be able to see other appointment options pop onto your screen. If you’d like to reschedule, select a new time slot that works for you and follow the process for scheduling appointments.

You can also view our informational video on scheduling appointments for a step by step guide or read our blog article on how to schedule an appointment.

We do not offer walk-in appointments. If this in an urgent situation, please email us at with reason for appointment and your availability and we will do our best to fit you in. Our office is typically booked about a week out, so please plan accordingly. 

Our counselors are open to discussing career related topics. Popular subjects include, but are not limited to:

  • Exploring and discovering career options
  • Cover letter review
  • Job search strategy
  • Managing difficult situations
  • Networking techniques
  • Preparing for employment interviews
  • Preparing for performance reviews
  • Personal brand management
  • Resume review
  • Salary negotiations
  • Self-assessment

All of our career coaches are generalists that specialize in working with MBA students and alumni and can provide guidance for any field.

If you would like to get to know our coaches better you can read thier bios here: Meet the Team

CCWP offers a range of services including:

  • Career coaching
  • Live events
  • Webinars
  • Panel discussions
  • Job Postings
  • Online Career Resource Library

Access to these resources may be found in  Career Account

This Stern Alumni website contains the Stern Directory and a listing of regional reps. 

Stern Network is an online networking and mentorship platform that makes it easy for students and alumni to connect.

We also suggest that you join the MBA Stern School of Business LinkedIn group (the one with more than 19,000 members).

If you are in the process of contacting Stern graduates, we highly recommend scheduling an appointment with a career coach to discuss best practices and approaches when reaching out to fellow graduates.

To log in, click here to sign in: Hint: Bookmark this page!

When signing in, use your Net ID and password (if you've forgotten your password, there is an option to reset!)

Here are some resources you may find helpful. You can also find resources on the Career Resource Hub under Salary/Negotation tab on the Resouce Database. 

There is a NYU Stern Full-Time Placement Report on the Stern website.

You can access resume and cover letter writing guides as well as sample resumes through the Career Resouce Hub

Yes, you can access the job board through Career Account. The job board is updated regularly with MBA targeted positions that vary by industry and range from associate to senior level positions.

You can submit job postings, internships or fellowships for Graduate MBA Students and Stern Alumni through our online Stern Recruitment System. Click on Sign Up for an account and fill out the required information to set up an account and submit a job posting. Your account and job post(s) will be reviewed by our office and approved within 1 to 2 business days. 

If you are targeting undergraduates for your position(s), please post it with the Wasserman Center for Career Development (career services for a constituency that includes undergraduate business school students). From this site, follow the employers link to list a job. If you have questions regarding this site contact the Wasserman office at (212) 998-4730.

If you have any questions or need help with posting a job, please feel free to reach out to the recruitment team at:


Yes, there is a list of recruiters in Career Account. It is stored under the Career Resource Hub. However, there is no formal relationship between NYU Stern and any of the firms listed.

We highly encourage you to schedule an appointment with one of our career coaches to discuss your networking approach with these companies - including how to leverage your alumni network.

We would love to speak with you about this. Please send us an email with summary of your experience and the topic(s) you would like to speak to/about, and we will forward it to the appropriate contact. Our email is

When we are able to, we will post a the presentation under the Career Resource Hub in of Career Account.

First, log in to your Career Account here:

Please use your Net ID and password to log in (there is an option to reset your password if you've forgotten!)

Accessing the Career Resource Hub in 12Twenty

Your Career Resource Hub is available under the ‘Resource Library’ tab on the left hand side of your Career Account. Once you’ve selected ‘Resource Library’ select the link that says ‘Career Resource Hub.’ 

These are all of our resources categories:

  • Assessment
  • Policies
  • International
  • Interviewing
  • Job Search Strategy
  • Networking
  • Professional Development
  • Research
  • Resume/Cover Letters
  • Salary/Negotiation
  • or View All Resources.

On this page, you will find a search bar in the top right hand corner. If you are looking for a specific resource title, you can search here to quickly access!

Then, select ‘Resource Database’ to search for all resources.