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Consulting Branding Innovation
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Consulting Lab: Branding + Innovation

Consulting Lab: Branding + Innovation

Strong brands deliver exceptional financial return to shareholders. This experiential course is designed for advanced MBA students seeking real world branding and innovation consulting experience. Students will work in teams to solve critical branding and innovation challenges facing partner organizations. Since its inception in 2016, Consulting Lab has attracted blue chip clients, including Blackrock, Citibank, Johnson & Johnson, Consumer Health, Mastercard, National Geographic and Spotify. Students will learn branding and innovation frameworks and valuable consulting skills, including managing complex projects, building client relationships, and optimizing presentation skills.

Some MBA students are eligible for this course. This course will be offered in the Fall and Spring semesters. Current Students can view our CampusGroups website below for more information on eligbility, the application process, registration timeline, and program policies.

Student Testimonial

Tracy, Spring 2020
"In this course I learned how to implement a concept/bring it to life, what branding is, how to reiterate ideas, work with designers, and how to make better presentation slides."
"My favorite part of the course was the final presentation, where we got feedback from the client and saw what other teams came up with, so we could validate our ideas and know where to improve."
"People who should take this class include anyone who's interested in branding, i.e., the brand image, brand positioning, anyone who's looking to enhance their creativity, anyone who wants to get real-life experience consulting a client/working with a client."

Current Students