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Fashion & Luxury NYC Immersion
Experiential Learning

Luxury & Retail MBA: NYC Immersion

Luxury & Retail MBA: NYC Immersion

The Luxury & Retail NYC Immersion is an experiential introduction to what makes the city the most dynamic capital and seat of transformation for the retail industry and luxury sector. The course will provide Luxury & Retail MBA students a broad context for the specific business functions in which students choose to work, through exposure to subject matter experts from industry and academia both on and off campus. Classes, speakers, and field trips will address such topics as the history of retail and luxury, industry structures and roles, design, production and licensing, retail strategy, trend forecasting, branding, and the challenges and opportunities facing fashion and luxury companies today.

The course will culminate in a deep dive into a live case with an industry partner in fashion. The case will provide students with the opportunity to begin applying their knowledge and skills to a real branding challenge, interact with the client, and provide them with recommendations.

The NYC Immersion is a required component of the Luxury & Retail MBA program, and only students in the Luxury & Retail MBA program are eligible to participate. Current students will receive more information throughout the program.

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