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Michael Price Student Investment Fund
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Michael Price Student Investment Fund

Drive positive returns that exceed the rate of inflation

Michael Price Student Investment Fund

The Michael Price Student Investment Fund (MPSIF) was established to provide students of the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University with practical investment management experience. The investment returns generated by the Fund are used to provide scholarships to selected students from the Michael F. Price College of Business at the University of Oklahoma for study at the Stern School, and to support other educational activities at the Stern School of Business.

MPSIF provides Stern MBA students interested in pursuing a career in asset management with hands-on experience managing a real fund with significant assets. In addition, MPSIF is required to pay an annual 5% dividend to the University of Oklahoma Price School of Business, Mr. Price's undergraduate alma mater, for its students' tuition to attend summer classes at Stern.

The objective of the MPSIF family of funds (Growth, Small Cap, Value, and Fixed Income) is to maximize total return consistent with the risk appropriate for an endowment fund. The goal is real capital preservation while striving for real growth. The current benchmark aggregate for MPSIF is a portfolio composed of 25% Vanguard Total Bond Index, 25% Russell 1000 Growth Index, 25% Russell 1000 Value Index, and 25% Russell 2000 Index.

Some MBA students are eligible for this program. This program may not be offered each semester or every year. The program offering and teaching faculty are subject to change. Current students can view our CampusGroups website below for more information on eligbility, pre-requisites, the application process, and program policies.

The latest MPSIF Annual Report from 2016 can be accessed here.

For additional information about MPSIF, please visit the MPSIF website below.

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