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Fashion & Luxury Digital Solutions

Fashion companies and luxury businesses (equally creatively driven) face many challenges that stem from the tension between the creative and operational/strategic parts of the business. In this course, students will tackle this tension by exploring some of the most challenging questions that our partner companies bring. The course will focus on anything that is pushing fashion and luxury businesses to transform from a technological point of view and observing how this push is bringing about change either in the way they interact and transact with the customer (retail); manufacture their goods; or structure their operations. In blending technology, business and creativity, the goal is to master how Augmented and Virtual Reality, AI, Automation & Robotics, Blockchain, and 3D printing have been applied in retail, fashion, and luxury. Students will work on a real business issue with a fashion or luxury company and provide recommendations for how to solve the issue with the use of technology.

Some MBA students are eligible for this course. This program may not be offered each semester or every year. The course offering and teaching faculty are subject to change. Current students can view our CampusGroups website below for more information on eligbility, the registration process, and program policies .

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