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Satisfactory Academic Progress

To receive financial aid via the Federal Direct Loan program, you must successfully complete at least 6 credit hours per semester and maintain good academic standing:

  • For 6 to 29 credits attempted, the cumulative GPA should be no less than 2.1
  • For 30 or more credits attempted, the cumulative GPA should be no less than 2.3
  • 60 credits completed, the cumulative GPA should be no less than 2.5
  • You are expected to complete at least 80% of all attempted credits
Each student's cumulative grade point average (GPA) will be monitored by the Registrar's Office.

“Good standing” means that you are maintaining the minimum grade point average required by Stern, are earning a passing grade in a minimum of 80% of the courses in which you are enrolled, and have resolved the status of any unsatisfactory grades, e.g. “incomplete,” “no grade,” etc.

Normal progress requires completing all courses registered for and progressing toward your degree at a level that compares favorably with other registrants working toward the same degree in the same academic program.

Generally, full-time students register for and complete at least 12 credit points per semester, completing a master’s degree in two years. Information on the maximum time for completing degree requirements is available on the Academic Advising website for full-time students and Langone students. If aid has not been renewed due to unsatisfactory progress, you should consult your academic advisor and financial aid officer.