Timeline for PhD

  1. Complete the most recent FAFSA online as soon as you file your tax return. This application is used to determine federal student loan eligibility for the entire academic year. Please review the federal loans section of the Stern Graduate Financial Aid website for detailed information.
  2. Receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) from the federal government. This notifies you that the information submitted to FAFSA is now available to NYU.
  3. Contact the Stern Graduate Financial Aid Office so that we may be aware that your FAFSA information is to be processed. We will then confirm your federal loan eligibility with the PhD Office and package accordingly.
  4. Receive a financial aid award notice to your Stern e-mail account.
  5. Accept your federal loans on NYU Albert. This is the university-wide system which provides a comprehensive view of your financial aid.
  6. Sign in at studentloans.gov to secure your loans. You must complete the:
  • Entrance Counseling Session
  • Master Promissory Note(s)
  1. After accepting and securing your loans, please confirm approval with the Financial Aid Office.