Paduano Research Seminar

The Daniel P. Paduano Faculty Research Symposium in Business Ethics, through the generous support of Daniel P. Paduano (MBA '69), was established in 2007 to create and develop an interdisciplinary research community, centered at NYU Stern but encompassing other NYU Faculties, dedicated to research in the field of Business Ethics, incorporating the highest levels of scholarship.

“Our aim with this Symposium is to create a vibrant, self-sustaining community of scholars who are dedicated to unearthing substantive issues in business ethics and to advancing a research-based interdisciplinary understanding of these problems,” said Dean Thomas Cooley.

Beginning in Fall 2007, the Paduano Fellows will participate in monthly seminars taught primarily by leading scholars in the field of business ethics. Paduano Fellows will be charged with integrating business ethics into their own teaching. Faculty from NYU departments, including economics, philosophy, psychology, neural science, sociology, and law; faculty visitors from other universities; and prominent practitioners will be invited to partake in these symposia and help strengthen the business ethics research community in New York City.