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Here you can meet our faculty and staff who are constantly on the move with teaching, extracurricular activities, and discovery. We are a team that understands the art and science of Communication - a developed talent that brings ideas to life and can lead to action. 

To be an individual of influence, commanding verbal, written, and nonverbal communication is essential in this global marketplace.  In today’s society, having a seat at the table is not enough; being heard in dynamic scenarios with increasingly diverse audiences requires a communication strategy that is aligned with the business strategy and your personal value proposition. 

We invite you to explore some of the publications, courses, and activities our faculty are doing here at Stern, within NYU and in the corporate worlds of profit as well as not-for-profit. 

If anything sparks your interest drop me a line or make an appointment. We are all very accessible and would like to hear from you. It’s an integral part of our joint learning, commitment to Stern, and your educational experience.  

- Professor Brian M. Hanssen, Director

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