Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Organizational Communication
Prerequisite: Sophomore Standing

In Organizational Communication and its Social Context, students learn how organizations communicate with multiple types of audiences, focusing on the interconnections between business and society. The course uses the stakeholder model of the corporation to introduce the strategic implications of communication for modern organizations.

Students focus on strategic and tactical aspects of corporate communication to study and practice the ways in which organizations communicate to their varied internal and external stakeholders. Assignments develop student abilities in speaking and writing to these varied audiences, both to inform and to persuade. The course emphasizes bridging theoretical fundamentals and action learning is stressed which includes applying communication strategy to:
  • oral and written business assignments
  • presentation delivery techniques
  • visual communication analysis and practice
  • team communication

Students regularly receive personal feedback about their writing and their oral presentations from instructors.

Commerce and Culture

This course explores representations of American business in literature, film, art and architecture. These artistic texts, placed in various business milieus, will act as resources for you to develop writing and critical thinking skills. Three major writing assignments will ask you to consider the role of commerce and institutions in three aspects of modern life: individual identity and destiny; expressions of culture; and as sites for social and individual transformation.