Israel Reminds Us of the Perils of ‘Ugly American’ Meddling Abroad.

Zur Shapira

By Zur Shapira

In 1958, Eugene Burdick and William Lederer published a book titled “The Ugly American,” which described the failed attempt of the U.S. to help South Eastern Asian countries by changing several aspects of their culture to be more like the United States.

The book was fiction but based on reality, alluding to Americans losing political presence in Southeast Asia because of their failure to understand local culture. The book had a large impact on U.S. policy, which made a turn by creating alternatives such as the Peace Corps to help poor countries without trying to change their culture.

Unfortunately, we witness now an attempt by American libertarian billionaires who are working to change Israel’s culture and society under the “Ugly American” model.

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Zur Shapira is the William R. Berkley Professor of Entrepreneurship and  Management at New York University Stern School of Business.