Your future financial adviser could be a robot

By Vasant Dhar and Roger M. Stein

Regardless of the outcome of Trump’s attempts to roll back regulations enacted in the aftermath of the financial crisis, automation through FinTech is a clear trend.

By Vasant Dhar and Roger M. Stein

President Donald Trump has vowed to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. through new policies and regulatory reform. But this effort faces a strong headwind: In all walks of life, human employment is being challenged.

Many manufacturing jobs have been replaced by robots. Meanwhile, drivers are on their way to being displaced by driverless cars, tax professionals by software, and much more.

Recently Trump turned his attention to the financial services industry, signing two directives aimed at repealing portions of the Dodd-Frank and Consumer Protection acts , citing onerous restrictions that hamper legitimate investing and financial activity.

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Vasant Dhar is a Professor of Information Systems.