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Leading Minds in the Field of Economic Sociology Convene at NYU Stern for 2013 Workshop

NYU Stern's Management and Organizations Department hosted the inaugural Economic Sociology Workshop on Friday, October 25. This year's workshop explored the origins and evolution of economic sociology and the field's relationship to related disciplines. Panel discussions featured current research and perspectives from faculty members at NYU Stern as well as institutions such as Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, UC Berkeley, University of Chicago and Yale.

Opening the forum, Professor Batia Wiesenfeld, chair of NYU Stern’s Management and Organizations department, underscored the importance of cross-disciplinary research – an essential element for the work being done in the field of economic sociology. The workshop was organized by Professors Jason Greenberg and Gino Cattani of NYU Stern, and Delia Baldassarri and Maurizio Catino in NYU’s Department of Sociology.


Arun Sundararajan_600x450
Pictured above: NYU Stern Professors Beth Bechky (top) and Arun Sundararajan (bottom)