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NYU Stern Faces of Change: Jeanna Smialek (MBA ‘21), Langone Part-time MBA

Flexibility is a longstanding hallmark of NYU Stern’s Part-time MBA Program. Students choose the program path that best meets their needs: the two-year accelerated option; weeknight option; or Saturday option. They can speed up or slow down, and choose to complete the program in as few as two years or up to six, all while learning from Stern’s world-renowned faculty. 

With one of the largest part-time MBA programs in the country, Stern has more than 200 elective courses from which students can choose, and students can specialize in up to three areas from more than 25 options. Stern Part-time MBA students also enjoy an active extracurricular campus life with access to more than 40 student clubs. Additionally, students can engage with the Career Center for Working Professionals for career counseling, workshops, networking events and panel discussions. Upon graduation, students join NYU Stern’s 110,000-strong alumni network. 

Meet Jeanna Smialek, Part-time MBA ‘21, New York Times Economics Reporter. 

Jeanna Smialek headshot
CHANGE. UNDERSTAND IT. Jeanna Smialek, Part-time MBA ‘21. Headshot credit: Earl Wilson

Mars, Pennsylvania
Current company and role: 
The New York Times, Economics Reporter

What’s one professional accomplishment you are particularly proud of? 
I co-wrote a story in early 2017 about people who had been left out of the labor market rebound. It resonated with readers in the moment. More importantly, the people whose stories we highlighted -- who were counted out at the time -- were the sort of would-be workers who went on to fuel continued job growth through early 2020. Journalism can really add value by taking conventional wisdom and data and holding it up to the light of lived experience. 

Why did you decide to pursue your MBA now? 
I wanted to broaden my knowledge of business and economics so that I could report more authoritatively.
What made NYU Stern the best fit for you? 
I loved that Stern offered a complete MBA curriculum in a part-time program. The great faculty and schedule flexibility attracted me. 
How would you describe your classmates and why? 
My classmates have been intellectually diverse. They're from different countries, different political parties, and very different career paths, which makes them fascinating to learn alongside.

Who was your favorite MBA professor and why? 
Anjolein Schmeits was my favorite professor. She cares deeply about her subject matter -- corporate finance -- and works hard to ensure that her students understand how to apply what they are learning in the real world. I draw on concepts that I learned in her class constantly. 

Stern’s brand call to action is all around embracing change. How do you see change and why? 
CHANGE. UNDERSTAND IT. Because in a fast-moving world, staying informed is more important than ever.