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Only At Stern: Professor Jonathan Haidt on Using Moral Psychology to Explain Why So Much Is Going Wrong

Professor Jonathan Haidt speaking

How can we better understand trends like the rise of political dysfunction and the decline of teen mental health? #NYUStern Professor Jonathan Haidt leverages moral psychology to explain.

Research Center Events

The Rise and Risks of Private Credit

NYU Stern campus

On Monday, April 8, 2024, the NYU Stern Volatility and Risk Institute and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) co-hosted an event with a presentation and panel discussion on the new IMF April 2024 Global Financial Stability Report, focused on a chapter titled, “The Rise and Risks of Private Credit.”

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Stern Faces of Change: Scott Rosenbloom, EMBA DC ’24

A violet graphic that says: "Stern Faces of Change, Scott Rosenbloom, Executive MBA DC ‘24" and includes a headshot.

NYU Stern’s EMBA DC program is designed for executives in the surrounding area with a unique format that meets once-per-month to maximize time at work and home and minimize travel. This added flexibility has allowed students to earn a top-ranked MBA degree with other executives in D.C. while also forging connections with their EMBA NY counterparts during cohort visits to NYC.

Research Center Events

2024 David K. Backus Memorial Lecture

Laura Veldkamp headshot

On Friday, April 5, NYU Stern's Center for Global Economy and Business hosted the 2024 David K. Backus Memorial Lecture with guest Laura Veldkamp, Cooperman Professor of Finance and Economics at Columbia University.

Research Center Events

Down to Earth: Making Moonshots Solutions a Reality

A graphic for the upcoming event called "Down to Earth: Making Moonshot Solutions a Reality."

On Friday, April 5, 2024, attend this year's Social Innovation Symposium. The conference is centered on the theme of "Down to Earth: Making Moonshots Solutions a Reality".

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Stern's MS in Fintech Program is highlighted; Clinical Professor Kathleen DeRose interview: "It’s ‘Omnipresent in Everyday Life.’ So, What is Fintech?"

Fortune logo

Excerpt from Fortune -- “'So much change is afoot in fintech that keeping pace with it is the biggest challenge and opportunity; an advanced degree is a great way to get and stay up-to-date, and even to leapfrog to the next level,' DeRose says."

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Undergraduate student James Collett (BS '24) in-depth Q&A interview: "2024 Best & Brightest Business Major: James Collett, New York University (Stern)."

Poets and Quants logo

Excerpt from Poets & Quants — "I’m most proud of helping to launch the Initiative Fund. This is an evergreen, student-run, discretionary grant fund endowed by the university to the student government assembly for the purpose of bettering the NYU community and the lives of NYU students. The fund is still in its inaugural year, but is already on track to fund the creation of a food pantry in Steinhardt, living walls of plants in Stern and other buildings around campus, the installation of new water fountains, and the provision of new seating areas for students. I’ve really enjoyed being involved in student government, but these sorts of tangible projects are by far the most rewarding to work on because I know my efforts will be directly felt by my peers."

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NYU Stern Executive Education Welcomes First Cohort of Immersive C-Suite Pathway Program to Campus

Academic Co-director Professor Sonia Marciano

In February, the first participants of the new C-Suite Pathway Program, offered jointly by IESE Business School and NYU Stern Executive Education, arrived on Stern’s campus in NYC as part of the five-month executive education program, which kicked off in December.

Research Center Events

Reimagining Retail: Forum on Experiential and Luxury Retail and the New Real Estate

NYU Stern campus

On Thursday, March 28, 2024, the Chen Institute for Global Real Estate Finance and the Fashion & Luxury MBA program hosted NYU Stern’s inaugural forum on destination urban retail strategy and real estate, titled “Reimagining Retail.”

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Professor Robert Seamans interview: "Academics Express Confidence That They and AI Can Work Together."

Financial Times logo

Excerpt from Financial Times -- "Robert Seamans, professor of Management and Organisations at NYU Stern School of Business, expects he and his peers will be helped to become better at what they already do by AI tools such as ChatGPT, rather than having their roles taken over."

"They will certainly be 'faster, and I hope it means that’s better,' explains Seamans — and he is well placed to judge, having co-authored research into the professions most vulnerable to the rapid growth of AI."

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Clinical Professor Thomaï Serdari interview: "Choosing Between USA and Europe for Your MBA."

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Excerpt from Find MBA -- “'Our location in New York City, an international hub, continues to prove advantageous for program graduates. The majority of our MBA students accept roles in the tristate area,' says Thomaï Serdari, a professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business."

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Only At Stern: Professor Dolly Chugh on Becoming the Person You Mean to Be

Professor Dolly Chugh speaking at an event

How can we let go of being a "good" person — and instead focus on acknowledging mistakes to continue growing? NYU Stern Professor Dolly Chugh, using her background as a social psychologist, focuses her research on how to become what she coined “good-ish.”

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Two-year Full-time MBA alumna Jess Keane (MBA '22) in-depth Q&A interview: "Real Humans of Hulu: Jess Keane, NYU Stern MBA ’22, Senior Content Acquisition Associate."

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Excerpt from Clear Admit -- "After considering a few different programs, I became completely enamored by NYU Stern’s Entertainment specialization and the connection that NYU has to the broader film and entertainment industry. Because I was making such a big pivot, I knew I needed to attend an MBA program where I could garner as much knowledge and requisite skills related specifically to the entertainment industry as possible. Between the entertainment-specific classes, entertainment professional club, alumni network, and experiential learning opportunities like attending the Cannes Film Festival, I knew Stern was the perfect fit for me."

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Undergraduate student Sanemi Nair (BS '24) in-depth Q&A interview: "2024 Best & Brightest Business Major: Sanemi Nair, New York University (Stern)."

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Excerpt from Poets & Quants — "The biggest lesson I learned is the importance of taking time to get to know the people around you. Whether it be in a class, an internship, or an extracurricular activity, people are at the core of everything you do in business. Getting to know your peers rewards you with lifelong friends and the ability to work more smoothly in a team. At the same time, I learned the importance of surrounding myself with people who consistently challenge me and make me think."

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Dean of Students Conor Grennan interview: "Demand Is Skyrocketing For Prompt Engineers, One of the Hottest Roles in AI. But Some Say It Won't Last."

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Excerpt from Business Insider -- "He said the skill set and experience of the employee using the AI is what really matters, not how people are simply prompting the model. For Grennan, the main way to improve AI-generated content is to learn how to talk to it like a human, which means getting over the mental block of chatting with a machine."

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NYU Stern Andre Koo Technology & Entrepreneurship MBAs Immersed in the West Coast Tech Ecosystem

Andre Koo Tech MBA students with Stern Tech Advisory Board Member Jeff Teper (BS ’86), President, Microsoft 365 Collaborative Apps and Platforms, on Microsoft’s campus in Seattle

This January, Class of 2024 students in NYU Stern’s one-year Andre Koo Technology & Entrepreneurship MBA Program traveled to Silicon Valley, Seattle, and Los Angeles as part of an intensive three-credit course designed to immerse students in the West Coast tech ecosystem.

Research Center Events

7th Annual NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business (CSB) Practice Forum

Practice Forum 24 banner

The NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business Annual Practice Forum is a highly anticipated industry event convening investor and corporate sustainability leaders for an exchange of the latest research and insights on sustainability in practice. Through a curated program of new research findings, panel discussions on the implementation of strategies, frank conversations with executives on how to tackle the challenges, and interactive sessions to apply learnings, participants walk away with practical tools and frameworks to unlock financial value through embedded sustainability.

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NYU Stern Fashion & Luxury MBAs Immersed in Florence’s Luxury Fashion World

Fashion & Luxury MBA students with James Ferragamo (BA ’93, MBA ’97), Chief Transformation & Sustainability Officer at Ferragamo, at Ferragamo Palazzo Feroni in Florence

This January, Class of 2024 students in NYU Stern’s one-year Fashion & Luxury MBA Program traveled to Florence, Italy as part of an intensive three-credit course designed to immerse students in one of the hubs of the European fashion and luxury industry.

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Executive Director for MBA Admissions Lindsay Loyd is quoted: "How to Get a Great MBA Recommendation."

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Excerpt from U.S. News and World Report -- "'Letters of recommendation are an opportunity to add an external perspective to your application and to help bring your story to life from the point of view of someone who knows you well,' Lindsay Loyd, executive director of MBA admissions at New York University's Leonard N. Stern School of Business, wrote in an email. 'Put yourself in the best position for success by being thoughtful about who you ask and by approaching them early.'"

Student Club Events

Unveiling the Inaugural SABAS Conference 2024: South Asians Breaking Barriers Across the World!

A graphic for the upcoming SABAS Conference 2024 that reads: "SABAS Conference 2024, South Asians Breaking Barriers Across the World. Inspire and Empower, Journeys of South Asians who have successfully carved out careers beyond their home countries. Illuminate Opportunities, Potential offered by South Asia's rapid growth and burgeoning opportunities. Save the date: March 8, 2024. Stay tuned for speakers to be announced!"

On March 8, the SABAS Conference 2024 brought together a diverse group of speakers from various industries to share their stories and insights.