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Fashion & Luxury International Immersion
Experiential Education

Fashion & Luxury MBA: International Immersion

Fashion & Luxury MBA: Global Immersion

Fashion & Luxury MBA students participate in the International Immersion course - an intensive style 3 credit course designed to immerse students in the global fashion and luxury ecosystem.

Students will be given a total experience in the European Luxury Sector, attend class sessions with experts from the industry, and visit luxury and fashion stores and companies in a European market. Students will also complete a project relating to a premiere European Fashion & Luxury brand. We aim to make sure that each year offers a unique experience tailored to that cohort and overall market conditions.

The course includes course lectures, corporate engagements, guest speakers, an experiential learning project, and cultural events.

The Fashion & Luxury International Immersion is a required component of the Fashion & Luxury MBA program, and only students in the Fashion & Luxury MBA program are eligible to participate. Current students will receive more information throughout the program.

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Fashion & Luxury International Immersion

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Fashion & Luxury International Immersion

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