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Stern Signature Project
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Stern Signature Projects (SSP)

Stern Signature Projects (SSP)

NYU’s research continually drives innovation for the global challenges of tomorrow. Stern Signature Projects (SSPs) pair student teams with research centers and global companies to address some of the most pressing issues of the 21st century. Structured as semester-long academic independent studies, these opportunities allow students to customize their MBA experience by driving thought leadership across an array of global and interdisciplinary questions. Each semester’s unique projects take place domestically and globally.

Some MBA students are eligible for this program. This program may not be offered each semester or every year. The program offering and teaching faculty are subject to change. Current students can view our CampusGroups website below for more information on eligbility, the application process, and program policies.

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MBA students think beyond traditional industry channels.
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MBA students impact policy in Mexico City.
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Student Testimonial

Matt, Production Lab, Spring 2020
"My team's work with NYU Production Lab sought to understand the viability and impact of launching a two-sided marketplace that would allow student musicians to license music to NYU videographers, podcasters, and other content creators. One of the most important skills that I gained during this project involved conducting and interpreting market research. In order to understand the magnitude and behaviors of both the supply (music makers) and demand (music licensers) on NYU's campus, we conducted surveys and interviews with student and faculty groups across campus. Once we collected our quantitative and qualitative metrics, we were able to interpret our findings in a way that provided the Production Lab with pointed, data-backed recommendations on the best path forward in bringing a music licensing platform to market."

Alice, CSB, Spring 2020
"My project involved quantifying return on investment of sustainability initiatives for a food manufacturer. I came in with years of client-facing experience but zero knowledge of the sustainability world. It was fascinating to learn about the logistics and trade-offs of carbon neutrality, sustainable sourcing, and water usage. I can now have real conversations on these topics, with a deeper understanding of their financial implications. I would recommend SSPs to everyone! They are a great way to mix up your Stern experience - working with a client, meeting new teammates, researching new topics in a low-risk environment. If I had to get more specific, I think SSPs are a good fit for people who have an interest in client-facing work and are open to getting feedback about their work style."

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Stern Signature Project

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