Information for Participants

Are you interested in making up to $20 per hour participating in surveys? The NYU Stern Center for Behavioral Research is recruiting participants who are interested in completing paid research opportunities at NYU and online!
Participant FAQs
Who can participate?
  • Anyone over the age of 18 is allowed to sign up for a participant account.
How do I participate?
  • Once you’re registered as a participant, you will receive regular Study Announcement emails every time there is a new research opportunity.
Do I need to be an NYU student to participate?
  • No you do not, anyone can sign up! Non-NYU participants can sign up, by creating their own User ID ending with (e.g., “”) and entering that in the User ID field on the account request form linked above. After creating their account, non-NYU participants should email with their name and self-created User ID, and the email address you would like to receive Study Announcements at.
What kind of studies will I be participating in?
  • Most studies run at the Center for Behavioral Research consist of short questionnaires and surveys. A majority of research focuses on decision-making, consumer behavior, or opinions on social issues. Many participants find the studies interesting and fun. None of our studies involve physical exertion or medical procedures.
How long does participation take?
  • Most studies last 15-30 minutes, but this can vary. Details about duration will be included in every Study Announcement email.
Do I have to come to NYU to participate?
  • Occasionally, some studies require participants to come to the Center to participate. For most of our research opportunities, however, participation takes place online. Once you sign up for a study, you will simply be emailed a link and instructions to participate.
How will I get paid?
  • You may be paid in cash, gift cards (e.g., gift cards), or by being entered in a drawing for one or more prizes. Form and amount of payment varies by study. Payment information will be included in every Study Announcement email.