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  About the Lab

The Center for Behavioral Research at NYU Stern (Behavior Lab) is a resource for all researchers studying human behavior at NYU Stern.

Lab Resources

Research Help Requests
  • Research Help Requests are easiest way for you to connect with us. By clicking the link here or above, you will be directed to a short form that will ask you about your research plans and goals. You can request any of the following, including help on research tasks that aren’t listed here:
    • Setting up and running in-lab studies
    • Collecting data via the Center for Behavioral Research participant pool
    • Coding qualitative data
    • Collecting data via MTurk, TurkPrime, Prolific Academic, etc.
    • Flagging online data for potential bots/inattentive participants
    • Proofreading study materials
    • Literature reviews
    • Reference checking
    • Accessing archival data
    • Consultation on study design or participant recruitment
  • After you submit your Research Help Request, you will receive a confirmation and follow-up email within 1-2 business days.
  • Note: Access to the Research Help Request form is restricted to Stern faculty and Ph.D students. If you have difficulty accessing the form, please contact
Lab Calendar
  • If you are thinking about booking an in-lab study, please first consult the Lab Calendar.
Paid Participant Pool
  • The Center for Behavioral Research has a pool of over 10,000 potential participants, which includes both Stern students and alumni, as well as community members.
  • We have demographic information for most participants (e.g., age, gender, ethnicity, employment status, etc.) to allow you to target specific groups directly.
  • Studies typically pay up to $20/hr but alternate compensation strategies can be discussed.
  • If you would like to use the Paid Participant Pool, please fill out a Researcher Help Requests. For all general questions, please email
Lab Space
  • The Center for Behavioral Research is located in room LC-26 on the lower concourse of Tisch Hall, 40 W 4th St, New York. There are two sections of the lab available to researchers in addition to a reception/waiting area.
    • Main Room - The Main Room consists of 25 individual computer stations.
    • Group Rooms - There are four Group Rooms, each consisting of a computer connected LCD TV and table and chairs for a small groups of participants.
  • Technology
    • There are 25 desktop computers in the Main Room and 16 laptops available as well. All computers and laptops run Windows. The following software is installed on each computer:
      • Firefox/Chrome for online tasks
      • MediaLab (Empirisoft, v2016)
      • DirectRT (Empirisoft, v2016)
    • For video recording participants, we have:
      • 25 webcams for the Main Room computers
      • 4 video cameras
Important Lab Policies & IRB Information

IRB Information
  • Before we can help you with any research tasks, we need a copy of your IRB approval from NYU UCAIHS. You can submit those either with your Researcher Help Request form or via email to once you have them.
  • Be mindful that although some Researcher Help Requests may not need IRB approval, but most do. Even if we are helping you with data you have already collected, you must have the appropriate approvals regarding data confidentiality, anonymity, security, etc.
  • For more information about receiving human subjects approval, please visit the NYU UCAIHS website.
Lab Policies/FAQs
  • Who gets to use the lab and for what?
    • The lab is available to Stern Faculty and PhD students for research purposes only. It is not available for instructional purposes or any other purposes. Instructional lab requests should be direct to the Student Technology Centers.
  • Is there a limit to the number of Research Help Requests I can submit?
    • Our goal is to increase the research productivity of all Stern scholars, so we want to help wherever we can. However, given a small budget and a small team of RAs, there may be some requests we are unable to help you with right away. We prioritize requests to run in-lab studies and also consider request order and urgency. Additionally, lab space is limited and may be fully booked within the first few weeks of the semester. Based on demand, you may not be able to book lab space for as much time as you would like. Please submit a Research Help Request whenever you are interested, but also be mindful that this is a shared resource.
  • How does the lab prioritize requests?
    • We pool all space requests received before the start of semester, and work to share the space balancing everyone's needs. Space requests submitted after beginning of semester can often be accommodated, depending on remaining room availability. Running in-lab studies take precedence over other Research Help Requests. We will do our best to accommodate every Research Help Request, but may refer you onto other resources if necessary.
  • Can I store research materials in the lab space?
    • Because this is a shared space, only research materials belonging to the lab are allowed to be stored there. Researchers are responsible for providing, protecting, and promptly removing any of their own resources or data that they bring into the lab.