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Lab Manager:
Michael Rosenblum
Michael Rosenblum Photo
Michael is a postdoctoral research scholar and visiting assistant professor at NYU Stern School of Business. He received his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business in 2020 where he taught and conducted research in the Haas School of Business. His research focuses on two intersecting lines of inquiry. In the first line, he investigates how different forms of inequality (along lines of gender, race, power, status, economic, and socioeconomic status) impact judgments of others. In another line of research, he studies the bi-directional relation between political discourse (e.g., politically correct language) and impression formation.

Faculty Coordinator: L. Taylor Phillips

Research Assistants:

Zoé Newton
Zoé is a GSAS graduate student following the MA in Animal Studies. She obtained her Bachelor's Degree in International Relations at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. She is interested in the interface of human/non-human animal relations and how these shape our beliefs, practices and realities. Through her experience in the Lab and interactions with faculty members, she hopes to achieve a level of intellectual enlightenment and to help create pivotal research. This development should flow from confrontation with new ideas and opinions around a wide range of topics, of both a theoretical and practical order. 

Kritika Venkateswaran
Kritika is a sophomore at NYU Stern studying Finance, and minoring in Public Policy & Management. She is passionate about the intersection between business and social impact, and is very interested in learning about sustainable investing strategies. Kritika has also developed an interest in Behavioral Finance & Economics, and is keen to learn more about how disruptive innovations in the field can improve public policy. She hopes to apply her skills and learnings at Stern's Behavior lab whilst gaining insight on various research areas.

Jiarui Liu
Jiarui graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and is now a graduate student in the Psychology Master program at NYU. She is broadly interested in how human behaviors are influenced by social factors, such as social status and group identity. In her free time, Jiarui enjoys reading novels and trying out new restaurants.

Elaine Young
Elaine Young is a junior at NYUSH, seeking a double major in economics and social science (psychology). Her research interest is decision-making in marketing and management, especially how heuristics, stereotypes and motivations influence decisions. She hopes to pursue a PhD in the future academic career. Outside of the lab, she enjoys reading and traveling. 

Lee-Ann Rushlow
Lee-Ann Rushlow is a senior at NYU CAS majoring in psychology. She has interests in behavior, social psychology, mental health studies, cognition, and political psychology. She has experience researching intersectional stereotypes at NYU, as well as habituation in flies at the Simons Foundation. She is considering graduate school to pursue I/O psychology, but for now is enjoying learning more about and getting more experience with the research process. Her hobbies include cooking, travel, and sustainability, and she likes to go to concerts in her free time.


Recent Lab Managers:
Recent Research Assistants:
  • Gabriel Sim
    Gabriel is a senior at NYU Stern concentrating in marketing and finance and minoring in psychology.  While working at the Center for Behavioral Research during the 2019 school year, she developed an interest in the intersectionality between consumer preferences, psychology, and marketing strategies. Gabriel facilitates in-lab studies and conducts research on behalf of faculty and doctoral students primarily in the management and marketing departments.
  • Yuliya Borodina
    Yuliya is an Economics student at New York University Abu Dhabi. She is working at the intersection of environmental and trade economics and is very passionate about the problem of global deforestation. She extends her interest in ecology beyond her academic work and does her best to live in a more sustainable way. Today, Yuliya is looking forward to continuing her academic studies as a Ph.D. student in Agricultural and Resource Economics at UC Berkeley and to exploring new projects in the field.
  • Alessandro Malave
  • Jessica Bu
  • Yash Bulani
  • Anisha Pal
  • Alicia (Qinglan) Zheng
  • Patrick Pamatmat
  • Nikita Maneesh Dane
  • Yanyang Luo
  • Chae Park
  • Dayin Wijaya
  • Mona Yang
  • Victoria Zheng
    Victoria is a Psychology major and CAMS minor at NYU. In addition to the Stern Behavior Lab, she has worked in the Amodio Lab as well as the Freeman Lab at NYU, and interned at General Electricity, Shanghai Center- Portman Ritz-Carlton, and Harvard Business Magazine. Victoria is president of the NYU Chapter of Psi Chi, the honor society for psychology. Currently, she is working on a Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund project on cognitive control in maintaining biased evaluations of group members.