Who We Are

Faculty and PhD students affiliated with the Center for Behavioral Research


Adam Alter

adamatler Assistant Professor of Marketing
email: aalter@stern.nyu.edu
office: Tisch Hall, Suite 811
Research Interests:
  • Judgment and decision-making
  • Social psychology
  • Consumer behavior
  • Cultural psychology
  • Fluency and metacognition

Steven Blader

blader Associate Professor of Management and Organizations
email: sblader@stern.nyu.edu
office: Tisch Hall, Suite 718
Research Interests:
  • Social and relational concerns in the workplace
  • Organizational justice
  • Social identity processes in organizations

Andrea Bonezzi

bonezzi Assistant Professor of Marketing
email: abonezzi@stern.nyu.edu
office: Tisch Hall, Suite 905
Research Interests:
  • Consumer Decision Making
  • Consumer Goals and Motivation
  • Marketing Reward and Incentive Systems
  • Word-of-Mouth and Social Transmission of Information

Dolly Chugh

dolly Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations
email: dchugh@stern.nyu.edu
office: KMC, Suite 7-55
Research Interests:
  • Bounded Ethicality
  • Bounded Awareness
  • Implicit Bias
  • Race and Gender
  • Negotiations

Christina Fang

fang Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations
email: cfang@stern.nyu.edu
office: KMC, Suite 7-62
Research Interests:
  • Organization Learning
  • Strategic Decision Making
  • Technological Innovation

Eric Greenleaf

greenleaf Professor of Marketing
email: egreenle@stern.nyu.edu
office: Tisch Hall, Suite 813
Research Interests:
  • Pricing and Promotions
  • Delay in Consumer Decision-Making
  • Auctions
  • Survey Research

Elizabeth Howard

howard Adjunct Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations
email: elizabeth.howard@stern.nyu.edu
office: KMC, Suite 7-154
Research Interests:
  • Negotiations and Dispute Resolutions
  • Power
  • Identity
  • Self Control

Panagiotis Ipeirotis

panos Associate Professor of Information, Operations and Management Sciences
email: panos@stern.nyu.edu
office: KMC, Suite 8-84
Research Interests:
  • Text and Web Mining
  • Text Databases
  • Data Cleaning and Data Integration
  • Economic-Aware Text and Web Mining

Gavin Kilduff

gavin Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations
email: gkilduff@stern.nyu.edu
office: KMC, Suite 7-63
Research Interests:
  • Rivalry and Competition
  • Status and Power
  • Group Dynamics
  • Negotiations

Justin Kruger

kruger Professor of Marketing
email: jkruger@stern.nyu.edu
office: Tisch Hall, Suite 804
Research Interests:
  • Overconfidence in planning and self-assessment
  • Myopia in comparative judgement
  • Egocentrism in perspective taking
  • Everyday heuristics

Lisa Leslie

lisa Associate Professor of Management and Organizations
email: lleslie@stern.nyu.edu
office: Tisch Hall, Suite 717

Joseph Magee

magee Associate Professor of Management and Organizations
email: jmagee@stern.nyu.edu
office: KMC
Research Interests:
  • Psychology of Power
  • Foundations of social hierarchy
  • Social role of emotion in groups

Tom Meyvis

meyvis Associate Professor of Marketing
email: tmeyvis@stern.nyu.edu
office: Tisch Hall, Suite 815
Research Interests:
  • Branding
  • Consumer Decision Making
  • Consumer Information Processing
  • Pricing

Vicki Morwitz

vmorwitz.jpg Professor of Marketing
email: vmorwitz@stern.nyu.edu
office: Tisch Hall, Suite 807
Research Interests:
  • Consumer behavior
  • Marketing research
  • Political marketing
  • Pricing and sales promotions
  • Research methods

Nathan Pettit

pettit Assistant Professor of Management
email: npettit@stern.nyu.edu
office: KMC, Suite 7-57
Research Interests:
  • Behavioral and perceptual consequences of experiencing and desiring status

Priya Raghubir

priya Professor of Marketing
email: raghubir@stern.nyu.edu
office: Tisch Hall, Suite 809
Research Interests:
  • Consumer psychology, including survey methods, psychological aspects of prices and money
  • Risk perceptions
  • Visual information processing

Rebecca Schaumberg

  Assistant Professor of Management & Organizations
email: rschaumb@stern.nyu.edu
office: Tisch Hall, Suite 719

Anne-Laure Sellier

sellier Visiting Assistant Professor of Marketing
email: asellier@stern.nyu.edu
office: Tisch Hall, Suite 808
Research Interests
  • Evolution of attitudes
  • Positioning and repositioning

Michael Tang

MTang Assistant Professor of Accounting
email: mtang@stern.nyu.edu
office: KMC, Suite 10-84
Research Interests:
  • Voluntary disclosure
  • Capital markets
  • Financial analysts
  • Earnings guidance
  • Expectation management

Norman White

nwhite Clinical Professor of Information Systems
email: nwhite@stern.nyu.edu
office: KMC, Suite 8-88
Research Interests:
  • World Wide Web
  • Internets
  • Collaborative computing
  • Multimedia systems

Batia Wiesenfeld

batia Professor of Management
email: bwiesenf@stern.nyu.edu
office: KMC, Suite 7-52
Research Interests:
  • Organizational change (layoffs, restructuring, virtual work)
  • Self processes in organizations

Ph.D. Students

Steven Dallas

email: sdallas@stern.nyu.edu
office: Tisch Hall, Suite 823B

Jennifer Hong

email: shong@stern.nyu.edu
office: Tisch Hall, Suite 823A

Hee Young Kim

Management and Organizations
email: hkim2@stern.nyu.edu
office: KMC, Suite 7-158A

Chiara Longoni

email: clongoni@stern.nyu.edu
office: Tisch Hall, Suite 823C

Stephanie Mueller

email: smueller@stern.nyu.edu
office: Tisch Hall, Suite 822C

Anna Paley

Management and Organizations
email: apaley@stern.nyu.edu
office: Tisch 822A

Laura Reitman

Management and Organizations
email: ler337@stern.nyu.edu
office: KMC, Suite 7-161A

Shelle Santana

email: ssantana@stern.nyu.edu
office: Tisch Hall, Suite 825A

Maya Vadiveloo

NYU Steinhardt School
Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health